Marvelous Magnets

Marvelous Magnets

Submitted by: Sara Arthur
Collaborators: Suzanne Whitlow
School: Shady Grove


This lesson was created to help students review magnets. The vocabulary and concepts can be hard for them, so I wanted to reinforce what we had already learned in a hands-on and fun way. I also wanted to push them to show their knowledge and to ask and answer meaningful questions, as well as to extend their existing knowledge.

TIPC Ratings

The research done by this Kindergarten class was stellar. The use of literature, websites, and movies to build background knowledge is perfect for these young students. It falls into the Targer category.

This lesson allows opportunities to use multiple technologies to enhance learning and give hands on challenges for the students. It is in the Approaching category.

This instruction models a range of critical thinking strategies and associated digital tools to score in the Approaching level.

The students were given opportunities to synthesize research, collaborate and address very authentic tasks to score in the Approaching category.

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