Investigating Our Solar System

Investigating Our Solar System

Submitted by: Patricia Gross
Collaborators: Suzanne Whitlow
School: Shady Grove


The study of the Earth Space Systems and Cycles will be a student centered lesson. Students will research and collaborate about a high interest component in our solar system that has been teacher approved. They will create and present a project to their classmates. Self evaluation will be expected as they progress with teacher monitoring and assistance. After a video conference with a Nasa expert, students will be blogging and encouraged to take chances and make changes whenever they deem it is necessary.

TIPC Ratings

The research involved in this project is Target; students are synthesizing information into an authentic task.

This project is in the Target category because the communication and collaboration with peers and with the experts at NASA shows appropriate tools were selected.

The Critical Thinking and Problem Solving score shows Target. The students developed their own meaningful questions to present to the NASA expert, and their reflection shows goal setting for growth.

This project show Approaching Level for Creativity and Innovation. The students analyzed trends in their original work.

Student Artifact

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  • Blog Rubric
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  • Teacher Blog

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