Pumpkin Harvest

Pumpkin Harvest

Submitted by: Kathy Rowe
School: Jackson Davis ES


The students will complete several activities throughout the week to celebrate the pumpkin harvest. They will compare and contrast stories about pumpkins and research the nesting practices of mice while integrating math estimation objectives. To end the week, the students will complete a design challenge where they will have to create a mouse habitat in a pumpkin shell and then collaborate with a small group to create one mouse habitat.

TIPC Ratings

This project is Developing in Research and Information Fluency. The students research different mouse habitats and nesting practices by looking at teacher selected books and websites. The information researched is then used to create habitats.

This project is Developing in Communication and Collaboration. Students work in teacher-selected groups with defined roles to design their habitat.

This project is Approaching in Critical Thinking and Problem Solving. The students must justify their own decision making with their group to decide what will be used in the group’s design. Having the students compare and contrast the different mouse habitats as well as reflect on the overall project requires them to use higher order thinking skills.

This project is Ideal in Creativity and Innovation. The students use the iPads to design the mouse habitat before creating it from natural products after researching nesting practices and analyzing each group member’s individual designs. The students also had to reflect on the creativity process and discuss what was a success and what was difficult.

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