Racing Away with Magnets

Racing Away with Magnets

Submitted by: Alyssa Hadd
School: Lakeside Elementary School


Students will investigate and understand that magnets have an effect on some materials, make some things move without touching them, and have useful applications. Students will work in collaborative teams to create a racecar out of found objects and use magnets to race their cars without physically touching them. Students will use technology to support their learning and report on their original creations.

TIPC Ratings

Entry – Students will use information and resources (video clips) to accomplish real world tasks (build a magnet powered racecar).

Approaching – Students will form collaborative teams to solve real-world problems and create original works (racecar). Students will communicate and collaborate with diverse learners and in real time.

Ideal/Target – Students will use multiple resources to plan, design, and execute real-world problems while using higher order thinking skills.

Approaching – Students will apply critical thinking to create original work and share with an outside audience through the use of technology.

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