Skype an Expert & Fishbowl Chat Online

Skype an Expert & Fishbowl Chat Online

Submitted By: Alison Timm and Shelly Barnard
Collaborators: Rena Berlin (VA Holocaust Museum), teachers and Joy McDonald ITRT.
Lesson Title: Skype an Expert and Fishbowl Chat Online
Target Grade/Subject:English 7
Length: One class period to research and one to skype >150 minutes
Lesson #:2378
Image citation: Virginia holocaust museum tolerance through education. (n.d.). Retrieved from


As a component of a research assignment, students will conduct a fishbowl discussion while Skyping with an expert from the holocaust museum. A small group will discuss their research findings in the fishbowl while the other students listen and discuss the learning topic on a moderated schoolspace chat forum with their teacher. During this activity students will receive feedback, expert guidance and additional research questions to further extend their knowledge. Note-Details about the overall research assignment are included in the attached lesson plan. However, this technique can be implemented with any research project where a subject matter expert is willing to Skype with a class.Essential Questions:

  • What role does memory play in our lives? 
  • What is the effect on people who no longer have a say in how they live?
  • Do people always portray themselves as they really are, or do they behave as they think others want them to behave?
  • What is the effect of honoring those who lost their lives in the Holocaust?
  • Is it better for a community/nation to celebrate difference or similarities in people?
  • Is it possible for a community/nation to tolerate all members and live in peace?

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This activity is student driven and requires students to use a variety digital tools of research (databases, texts, internet web sites, united streaming, teacher tube)

Student work was created collaboratively in student selected groups with student defined group roles.  Each class communicated with an audience both within and beyond the classroom electronically using schoolspace chats and Skype. The class reflected on their role in the group as a culminating activity.

By answering essential questions, students will think critically and draw conclusions.  Students will investigate multiple perspectives while researching thier topic and while listening to other students discuss the perspectives included in their research findings.

Throughout this entire research process, students will see the real world relevance of this topic:  “The Faces of the Holocaust”. Students will make connections to contemporary issues as they become aware of how these historical events continue to affect society.

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