The Great Pumpkin

The Great Pumpkin

Submitted by: Amy Morejon
School: Lakeside Elementary School


During this science lesson, fifth grade students will work in collaborative groups to learn all about pumpkins. Students will begin by choosing their groups (4 people per team) and then determining their jobs within the group. Students will work in their teams to discover a variety of information about their pumpkin.

TIPC Ratings

Students select the most appropriate digital tools and information sources. They assemble and organize information to address authentic tasks.

Students chose their own groups and roles to address an authentic task. They used appropriate digital tools to facilitate collaboration and they reflected on their roles as communicators and collaborators and set goals for future growth.

Students are selecting their own digital tool to present their work. Students are using feedback from the blog to improve future projects. They applied digital tools to think critically and solve open-ended authentic tasks that require higher order thinking skills.

Students are able to reflect on the process through daily reflective questions provided on the experiment form as well as through the blog. Students will use this feedback to improve future growth.

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