5 Kingdoms iMovie

5 Kingdoms iMovie

Submitted by: Pam Graham
School: Longan Elementary School


As a culminating project, students created an iMovie illustrating each of the 5 Kingdoms. Students initially completed a planning and research guide. Each student’s iMovie included basic information as well as a a student-created video that illustrated knowledge learned through research on a plant or animal of their choice.

TIPC Ratings

Approaching: This lesson scores in the approaching area of the rubric as students chose the organism they wanted to research, the information they wanted to collect about the animal, and how they would gather that information. After assembling the information, students then organized it to create a logical iMovie.

Developing: Students work in self-selected groups to complete an assigned task – using the Flip cameras to embed a video into iMovie.

Approaching: This lesson falls into the approaching level of the rubric. Students were given an open-ended topic to research and create a video with. The teacher served as a facilitator as students worked collaboratively to problem-solve and create.

Approaching: This level falls into the approaching category of the rubric for creativity and innovation. Students were given the time to create meaningful work within assignment parameters.

Student Artifact

Khristy’s Movie from Pam Graham on Vimeo.

Download Files


  • Lesson Plan
  • Planning Guide
  • Grading Rubric

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