Submitted by: Jackie Livesay, Heather York, Jenny Larkum, Markley Kautz-Scanavy, and Krystal Hawke
School: Rivers Edge Elementary


Students chose an animal to research and created their animal out of recycled materials. Then they were put into groups according to their animal’s habitats. The mixed groups created a habitat setting for all their animals. Group members wrote scripts about their specific animal and the habitat. Students took pictures of each animal in the habitat using iPhoto and recorded their script in Garageband. These were combined to create habitat movies.

TIPC Ratings

This lesson is approaching in research and information fluency. Students selected the most appropriate information sources using nonfiction books, reference books, and teacher-approved websites to fill in the animal and habitat research sheets. They assembled and organized their information.

This lesson is approaching in communication and collaboration. Students formed teams with different classrooms and organized roles.

This lesson is ideal/target for critical thinking and problem solving. Students had to decide with several other students from other classes how to make the habitat their animals live in. They reflected on their roles and looked into how to make things better.

This lesson is ideal/target for creativity and innovation. Students synthesized existing and self-generated knowledge to create an original work.

Student Artifact

REES 3rd Grade Habitat

Download Files

H21 Habitats

  • Lesson Plan
  • Scripts
  • Research Sheet
  • Sample Pictures

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