My Granny

My granny was really close to me. The others weren’t, like Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing when I fell in mud and Mary made fun of my braces. On my eleventh birthday, Granny gave me two bows – matching. What for? Minutes later, she came with an adorable dog. My dog and I were best friends. Life wasn’t always good though. I joined the army , leaving Granny, with my brothers and fought with them for girl vs. boy rounds. In war, I survived, but not my brothers, and won. A year later, I came home to see granny in the cemetery.

A Cup of Curiousity

” Um, sis? What are giraffes made off?” Baby Karen asked her older, six-year old, sister, Julie.

“Well Karen,” Julie started, but stopped to think, for she wasn’t so sure either, ” Giraffes are made up of greasy brown blood that’s maybe melted!”

“Wait, but why don’t they have blood?”

“Because they are giraffes and they are different from us, humans! Oh yes, and they are salty too.”

Karen looked puzzled, but considered it.

“Why do you ask?” Julie asked Karen curiously.

“Oh, because my teacher gave us homework that’s for a grade!” Karen answered.

The next day, Karen came home crying.


The Flier

Blankly staring at my sister’s flier, I sighed. My teacher gestured towards me. “Callie? What are you doing?” She asked in a voice stronger then salt. I looked up and replied.

“One-Hundred Word Challenge.” I replied sneakily. She nodded and turned around. As soon as she did, I looked at the flier again. The Melted Chocolate.  It made absolutely NO sense whatsoever! The little giraffe pin in my desk kept me thinking. Was a juvenile performance about a brown, greasy piece of chocolate worth honestly watching? Well, if my little sister is in it, then yes, it most definitely is.


One day, a brown volcano exploded and hit Polar Peak.  It now has a crack that is slowly growing. It will eventually melt and hit Greasy Grove.  We need to make sure that this doesn’t happen.  If it is a live event then don’t be that one and make everyone else salty.  So just be nice and don’t ruin the event for everyone else.  Once the live event is done then you can be as toxic as you want. Epic became nice and made a game mode to watch live events, but not in season 3!  Triggered!  Also, giraffes are cool.

Unusual Day

My unusual day started when I woke up & found a delectable smelling brownie on the counter with a note on it.  It had a giraffe on it and it said, “To whoever found this, enjoy!”  I couldn’t help it, so I gobbled it down in one bite.  “Ewww!  Does this have salt on it?” I asked myself.  Immediately, I spit it out with grease all over my hands.  I never touched a brownie again unless it was one of my grandma’s freshly baked ones.  I was very disappointed, but I could ask my grandma for one of her brownies!

The extremely, but not really sad story of Greasy Grove.

Basically, Greasy Grove was a really sad place that no one liked and everyone wanted to destroy it, eventually, a bunch of people froze it using a big iceberg, but then everyone got sad for no reason, so the citizens of tilted towers depended on a volcano to blow it up, but then it failed, and ended up blowing up the residents of Retail Row and Tilted Towers. With all hope lost, the neighborhood of Salty Springs hired a big brown girrafe that was made out of salt, and then they melted Greasy Grove, and then people hated it again.

My Salty Brown Greasy Melted Girrafe Birthday Cake

Today is my birthday and I woke up to my mom giving me cake. She told me she baked it herself. It was supposed to look like a girrafe my favorite animal. But it looked more like a sticky greasy melted brown mess. But so I didn’t hurt my mom’s feelings I said it looked great and I wanted to try a piece so she cut me a giant peice and handed it to me. Because of the big smile on her face I took a huge first bite. When I bit a big ball of salt fell on me.

The Greasy Chocolate

Last night, I saw the grossest thing in the world. The first thing that happened was that my mom got some salt and then guess what she did with it! She poured it all over my sister’s stuffed giraffe. She told my sister, Ardina that it was all just a stupid accident, but that story was too funny to be true. What actually happened was that my mother poured salt on my sister’s giraffe so my sister would stop playing with it. Then I saw melted chocolate in a pot and the first thing that I thought was, that’s greasy!

Gabby Giraffe

There once was a giraffe named Gabby. Oh how cute little Abby thought Gabby was. Gabby was honey with brown spots like hot cocoa. Although Abby reeked of salt, Gabby fell in love with Abby, as Abby did to Gabby. The only problem was that Abby had to convince her parents to let her keep Gabby before she was shipped off to the Bronx Zoo.  Abby bravely talked her greasy haired dad and caring mother into letting her adopt Gabby. Little to Abby’s knowledge, she would also be adopting Gabby’s younger brother Gibbie who had melted after wearing giraffe pants.

A day at the Zoo

One day I went to the zoo and I saw the most magnificent marvelous brown spotted giraffes ever. Then I went to get a pizza and it was super salty and greasy. Next I went to see the penguins and on the way I saw some walruses. Then I went to see some rhinos and hippos. After that I went home and on my way I got some ice cream. Then it started to melt in sun. When I got home I finished my half melted ice cream. As the day ended I watched the sun vanish behind the trees.