Fancy Restaurant

It was my birthday and I was going to the fanciest restaurant of all time: The Giraffe’s neck.  I was only 11 but I was old enough to taste their melted chocolate coffee cup and their salted caramel brownies. The floor was greasy with brown hardwood and the tables were white granite.  There were sugar cubes in cups of pure silver.  Who doesn’t like walking into a room with stained glass windows and curtains around each booth?  Even more, the building was so tall, it touches clouds!!  Who wouldn’t love plates of gold and the creamiest ice cream? How cool’s that?


Crunch.  Every time my foot  hit the grass, a leaf smashed beneath.  Step, crunch.  I was in a garden of trees.  OR SKELETONS.  The wind blew my hair into my mouth.  I closed my eyes as the rough breeze  smacked me.  Marie-May was supposed to be here, in the forbidden forest, as she promised me sincerely.   What if Marie May didn’t show up as she promised?  What if she lied?  What if I never return? What if I die?  Just the thought of Marie-May, my best friend, not showing up scared me. But then, a figure appeared.  It was Marie-May!!!

Forbidden Castle

A rusty candy shop now, was a beautiful palace then.  It had golden chandeliers, sparkly floor tiles, painted windows, silk tapestries, and gold walls.  It had every candy you could ever imagine.  It had wolla-bops, winka-woos, tip-top-topes, everlasting-gum-squares, gumdrop-stipples, baby-boomers, chicka-smackas, and so much more.  Candy from there was shipped all around the world to concerts, sports games, museums, and hotels!  The world loved it.  People tried making shops exactly like it, but they couldn’t match half of the candy tastes.  Suddenly,  a man named Cameron decided to put a stop to this.  He ruined the candy shop for good.

Oh Snap

My legs are dangling from a 4-inch trophy.  I was wandering around in Katie’s house and dropping chocolate coins, green glitter, and 4-leaf-clovers.  Suddenly, a glass jar filled with kiwi juice caught my attention.  We, leprechauns are very fond of green juices-it’s in our blood, literally.  I skipped along, blowing luck out of freshly-picked dandelions and I hopped onto the counter.  When I reached the glass jar, it was empty.  What a surprise!!   Questions swarmed in my head.  I turned around, ready to go home, when BAM!!  The jar flipped over on top of me, and there was Katie, grinning.


“AAAAAAAAAAAH!” I scream.  Pacing after me is Mommy Monster.  I could have sworn I saw her reach in a purse and swallow silver coins.  Mommy Monster chases me across the pavement and leaps over obstacles laid behind.  This catastrophe is because I stroked a shaggy haired puppy.  Now that I think about it, it did have ugly green drool slipping out of the corners of its mouth and sharp white eyes staring, creepily at me.  “AAAAAAAAAAAAH!”  A sinking feeling crushed my stomach as I pounced up the red ladder, leading me HOME.  I shut the door after me and breathe.

The science fair

It was early in the morning and Martha couldn’t wait.  Today was the Science Fair, and she would show her project to her whole school.  She was doing a project about a ladybug’s life-cycle.   But, as she brought her project to school, Bob asked her, “Why SO simple?”  Martha replied, “This is interesting.”  As she got off the bus, Jimmy told her, “That project is so lame.”  So, Martha tore her project apart and decided to make a volcano.  But, the vinegar was too sharp.  The explosion was so extreme, that likely, the entire earth shook.  Everyone loved her project.

Gloria finds a home.

Gloria was a normal teddy bear at a normal toy shop.  The toy shop had her for years, her with her ribbon necklace.  The toy shop had been trying to get rid of her.  They put her out for 50% off, and even out for free.  Nobody would buy her.  One day, a little girl came by the shop and saw Gloria through the window.  The little girl put her face up to the glass and peered inside.  Gloria looked at the little girl longingly, because Gloria needed a home.  The little girl ran inside the shop and grabbed Gloria.  Finally.

My Brand New Instrument

“Thanks for joining us today,” a strawberry-blonde-haired lady exclaimed, “Our ticket winner today is ticket 85…63…98…76…48…23…”  “Come on up!”  MINE!!!  That’s MY ticket!!!  I WON the instrument-lottery!! ME!!!!  “Choose a basket, any basket!”  All the baskets were wrapped with crimson paper, topped with a gold foil bow.  Without thought, I reach for the biggest, supposedly grandest basket.  Immediately, I rip off the paper.  The ugliest, most  wretched guitar sat in the basket.  Without strumming, I knew it was completely out of tune.  The strawberry-blonde lady looked at me, longingly.  I forced a tiny grin and held the instrument in the air.

My Homemade eggs

It’s Egg Day!!!!  I hop out of bed and begin to scrub my hands.  After I wash my hands, I called my mom to the kitchen. Slowly, she sauntered down the staircase and washed her hands.  We took eggs out of the refrigerator and plopped them onto the stove.  While we waited, we watched TV shows but I accidentally fell asleep.  Suddenly, I woke up remembering the eggs on the stove and got up.  When I switched the stove off, fire flickered a bit and the eggs were black.  Yolk was streaming out making a fringe on the edge.  Gross!!

The man who maddened the king

Once, there was an elegant party in Sydney.  Everyone enjoyed it until the sand vibrated slowly.  The water rose and a golden chariot appeared.

“Who trespassed my beach?” bellowed the man inside wearing a crooked crown.  Noticing his crown, he rearranged it, gently.  Everyone trembled when he neared.  A brave man wearing black snorted.

“This man thinks he’s the king!”  he chuckled.

“You want to laugh?” the king hollered, “Let”s laugh!”  He pointed his trident at the man and converted him to clay.  He duplicated him to many other colors.  You can still find the clay statues in Sydney, Australia.