The Day I Lost My Love for Chocolate

Dear diary,

I don’t think I will eat chocolate ever again. This is what happened. I went to Max Brenner’s Chocolate Factory with my friends and ordered waffles with chocolate. The order came, and was a tiny brown toy giraffe there. I told the waitress, and she took it out with her bare hands. I didn’t want to eat it anymore, but I did anyways. The waffle was weirdly greasy, and the chocolate melted in my mouth, but then a salty taste hit my mouth. I realized then: they put in salt instead of sugar. Actually, I can’t finish this.

The Legend of the Vultures

Long, long, ago, on Planet Earth, lived many many many vultures. They lived amazing lives, and loved to fly around. One day, everything changed. A big storm came along, killing them one by one. Instead of their bodies being washed away, though, this storm froze their bodies. Their bodies began to get covered with moss and dirt.  You may wonder, how are vultures still alive today? One vulture survived. This vulture was getting food from far away when the storm came along and created the population of vultures today. So, all the other vultures froze, creating this place on Earth.

The Shift

Noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just found out that we’re moving to India! This is the worst news ever! For one thing, I don’t want to leave my home and friends, but also, southern India is a horrible place to live! It’s hot, and there’s traffic, and it’s polluted, and I could go on forever with this list. But I’ve been told to suck it up and move on. I’m going to get my favorite shirt out of the dryer. AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! It’s the wrong color! This was the shirt I bought when I found out that my grandpa passed away. Worst. Day. Ever.

The Day I Finally Burst

Hello, my name is Jenny. In my family of my mom, dad, little sister, and me, I’m known for never getting angry. My little sister hits me? I forgive her. My parents forget to pick me up from school? I go along with it. One day, all of that changed. It was a normal day, and I was at school. A gang of boys was passing and knocked me and my friend over. I was okay with it as long as they apologized. But they didn’t. The boys casually walked by as if nothing happened. I was so cross that………

The Petrifying Candy Store

All kids want candy. But not me. After the worst experience of my life, I don’t want candy ever again. You might be wondering what happened. I will tell you. It was a dark and stormy night, and my family and I were visiting the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee. Rain started to pour, so we ran into a candy store that was nearby. Suddenly, lightning struck. The candy store came crashing down, killing my whole family except for me.¬†Turns out, that candy store was built over a burial ground and had killed everyone who entered it. Except for me.

The Treasure Hunt

Hisssss…… Scared, I walk through the dark cave looking for the treasure Merlin instructed me to find. I tiptoed across the cold grounds of evil that were underneath. Merlin’s arch nemesis, Cedric, had hidden the treasures of Cleopatra somewhere in this cave, and I have to find it. As I tiptoe, I notice a bright light coming from the left corner of the cave. I begin to run toward it. I see a treasure chest with a key. I put the key in the hole and open the chest and it’s……empty! What a surprise! What am I going to do?

The Day That I Lost My Phone

“Noooooooooo!” I scream at the top of my lungs as I stand on the pavement in front of the storm drain that my phone fell down. With a sinking feeling in my heart, I peer into the drain and spot coins that are scattered across my broken phone. Immediately, I run down the street to my neighbor’s house and ask him if he can do anything about. To my surprise, he pulls out a red ladder. Annoyed, I tell him it won’t be useful and he takes it back. Even worse, that was a new phone. What will I do?

The Guitar

Dear Diary,

Tomorrow’s my birthday! My parents have bought me a guitar and I’m super excited to play it!

Next day….

Ugh! My guitar is the worst! When I tried to play it, it was completely out of tune! I wish I’d never seen it. The worst part is, even when I tuned it right, it was still out of tune. Also, my parents spent a lot of money on it and we can’t return it! Who knew that a guitar could be so exasperating. After this exasperating experience, I am never getting a guitar ever again. Ever ever again.


The Night

Buzz! I wake up at 12:00 AM to the sound of my flickering lights. Slowly, I get out of bed cautiously. Quietly, I tiptoe down the stairs and walk to my living room to see the washed dishes scattered across the floor. Frightened, I pick everything up and when I walk into the kitchen, I see my sister’s black fringe shirt on the island. Even more scared, I find a plate on the floor with leftover scrambled eggs smeared on the edges. What happened to my family? Scared, I tiptoe to the front door and open it up a crack. AAAAAH!!!!!!!!!

The Legend of the Colorful Terracotta Warriors

Long, long, ago, there was a woman named Sydney. She lived in Sydney, Australia near the famous Opera House. She loved to build with clay. One day, she was asked by the king to create a clay warrior army to protect him in his afterlife. She obliged. Sydney worked hard day and night, to create these terracotta warriors. Finally, she was done. Sydney had created 1,000 terracotta warriors. When she was done, building them, she painted them all with red for the head: blue, red, yellow, and white. The king was pleased and to this day, the warriors are still standing.