Expedition Eve

20 Light years away from Earth on the plane Eve Pod A1 everyone was getting ready to explore the planet for the first time. The rocket pod landed in a patch of strange pumpkin like plants. The bold astronauts explored the mysterious land and found a bloody sledgehammer. Then suddenly a large green ogre came out running. One astronaut shouted “ITS SHREK!” Another one screamed “EVACUATE!”  The pilot fired up the rockets. The rocket engines ignited and  they flew. Suddenly a large bird came flying to intercept the spacecraft. The ship blew up in a huge fireball ensuring everything inside’s obliteration.

The Package that changed my life

John was a grown man with a love for trucks.  One morning he got a package from the fire department. He opened the package to find it empty. What a surprise! He turned it upside down and found a pair of keys label dear Jake. He thought for a moment, it had been his dream to drive his own firetruck, so he got in the firetruck outside. He drove the firetruck around and around to the park. Suddenly it’s engine got on fire. He jumped out and ran away. Next time he thought, but he was a criminal again now.

Big Red Firetruck

      John was walking down his street when he saw a red firetruck with its ladder sticking up words a tree where a man had his tent in it and was eating coins. John had always wanted to drive his own firetruck, it was his chance. He scrambled up to the firetruck and started yanking the wheel left and right. Suddenly the truck started moving, the fireman on the ladder fell off and plowed the  man off the tree. The firetruck crashed into a pond. He woke up  to see a firetruck sinking in a pond out his bedroom window, oops!

A Day for Cooking

One warm sunny day in June Jacob woke up to find a bag of chips on his bed. Since Jacob was a famous chef he was always looking for new ideas. When he got the the restaurant he told his private assistant to make a advertisement. He did as he was told, and soon there was a line of people waiting for his newest chips. He made his first batch plain flavored, but instead he added vinegar instead of oil. He passed out plates of his newest recipe, but instead of approval the crowd ewwed in disgust. Oops! Too sour.

Ben’s Weekend

It was another Saturday. Ben energized woke up to see a bright sun shining through his window. It was a great day to play outside. He headed downstairs to find his sister making eggs fringed at the edges in a pattern. The stove was flickering under the pan. His mother was stacking some newly washed plates. He gobbled up his slightly blacked egg and toast. He headed outside and shouted back “I’m going to play now!” Unfortunately his mother had other plans. Get in the car! Its the math competition Ben! “Uh oh!” thought Ben, he forgot about it completely.

Ben’s Unlucky Day

It was Sunday. Today was one of Ben’s least lucky things days.  After lunch he headed to the shot at last to buy the shoe’s he had been saving for all week. As he headed down the driveway he crashed into his sisters bubble machine, breaking it, when he cheeked the tank it was empty. His sister started wailing. Bean assured her that he would get her a new one and more bubbles. They went to the store. As he was looking for a bubble machine when her sister touched it pink bubbles flew everywhere. It was just rotten luck.