Class Pets

It was just a regular day in Ms. Baltome’s class and Gerald was sitting in the back of the classroom playing with his pencil. The classes’ pet hamster, Stevey was also sitting in the back nibbling on a piece of  yellow hay. Gerald took a mischievous glance at the hamster and smiled his sly smile. At the end of the day, once everyone else had left, he quickly opened the cage, snatched the hamster and took off down the hall to catch his bus. The next day everyone was a nervous wreck looking for Stevey. Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing!

The Greasy Giraffe Motel

While on my trip to Oahu, Hawaii with my family,  we stayed at the Greasy Giraffe Motel. The motel is very old and as only a one, one-star review. I don’t know why we chose this hotel, maybe there just aren’t that many places to stay near the place we are visiting. But it is covered with mold and mysterious brown spots. The food is way to salty and anything frozen is melted by the time they serve breakfast. Obviously you should not stay at this  hotel because of all these things! PLease, have common sense and DON’T stay here.

Life On Zorbge

Dear diary,

today, my friend Blarf spilled lunch all over me! I had to go home early and miss my presentation of the documentary of life on Zorbge that I had been working on for a month. I decided to walk to Frarf Forest to cool off. I go to Frarf Forest because of the big field of burnt down crade trees. They make good spots to sit on and the smell of fresh crade is always calming. After a few minutes here, I decide I’m ready to go back home. Even though I’m still very mad at Blarf!

-Klared Dallard

Broken Houses

I walked, the ladder strapped to my sweaty back, to the next house. My red sneakers dragged on the uneven pavement and the few coins I had in my pocked made a high pitched ring with every step. Every step I took farther, the house seemed to back away from me, I didn’t think I would ever get there. Finally, after what seemed like days, I got to the house. It was in bad shape, certainly in need of a good fix.  I pushed up my sinking glasses and knocked on the door. Another long day under the hot sun.

Salad dressing

Maria Cooper was a world class chef, and yet, she still couldn’t make a  salad dressing. Either the olive oil was too bland or the vinegar was too sharp, she just couldn’t make it. Finally, she’d had enough, and in her frustration she spilled the whole container of salt into the salad she had been working on, though she didn’t notice it. A few hours later, Maria pulled out the same salad for dinner, forgetting about what happened earlier. She tasted it and found it was the best salad she’d ever tasted and never messed up her salad dressing again.

The Old Out of Tune Guitar

One Saturday while walking down the street looking for something to do, I came across a musical store. Curious, I peered through the window. Guitars, violins, flutes, drums,pianos, and any other instrument you could think of. After pacing outside for quite awhile, I decided to buy an instrument. It was an old broken guitar and when I played it, it was completely out of tune, but I loved it. As soon as I got home, I began to play an out of tune song. Now, a year later, I play in a band with my old out of tune guitar.

Mysteries In The Attic

One Saturday, while cleaning out attics to save up for a cool action figure I wanted, I came across an old looking house. I bet it’s attic is very dusty, I thought. The person who lives used to be a sailor, so he’s got a lot of things washed up from sea. So, I agreed to clean it. The room is black except for one flickering light in the center of the room. Glancing around, I noticed that there were bones, broken eggs, and fringes cut from dresses. I started for the door, suddenly wanting to leave. It was locked.

A Magician Never Tells Their Secret

One  Friday Johnny was left at his grandma’s house for the weekend. It happened to be that same weekend that a magician came to town. When an advertisement came about it Grandma decided they should go. So,  they left to go to the show. When they got there, a woman was getting inside a  box. Then, a man spun  it around. Finally, he opened up the box and the woman was gone! Johnny looked at his grandmother and asked, “What happened to her?” “She disappeared.” replied his grandma. “But how could she just disappear?” “A magician never tells their secret.”

The Pretty Pink Bicycle

Sadie looked longingly at the  girl wobbling down the street on her pretty pink bicycle with streamers coming out of the handlebars wishing she had one. So a few months later when her birthday was right around the corner, she asked for a  bike . On the day of her birthday she excitedly opened the present her parents got her. To her dismay there wasn’t a helmet indicating her new bike, instead  in it’s place was a jar of bubbles.”I Knew you wanted a bicycle,” her father said, “but ever since I got fired, I couldn’t save up enough.  Next year.”