The Greasy Chocolate

Last night, I saw the grossest thing in the world. The first thing that happened was that my mom got some salt and then guess what she did with it! She poured it all over my sister’s stuffed giraffe. She told my sister, Ardina that it was all just a stupid accident, but that story was too funny to be true. What actually happened was that my mother poured salt on my sister’s giraffe so my sister would stop playing with it. Then I saw melted chocolate in a pot and the first thing that I thought was, that’s greasy!

The Strange Thing

Today was the worst day ever! I was going hiking with my dad and then I saw this strange group of trees. It looked like they had tuffs of hair and it also looked like they had leathery bat wings. I was mortifying and I can never get that picture out of my brain. It is the worst memory I have ever kept of something. At first I thought the “trees” were men, but then when I poked one and put my hand on one, it was not moving, nor breathing like a man would. I got extremely, terrifyingly scared.

The Spoiled Girl Video

Today, in the afternoon, my sister showed me a video that gave me the shivers because it was that disgusting. The video was about a spoiled girl and she was ungrateful for her birthday gift wasn’t “good ” for her. So basically, the girl wanted a blue lamborghini, but she got a red one instead, I mean what is the difference! The color was the only thing that mattered apparently. At least she got a car and she was only twelve years old! She was underage and she still wanted that car. She said,  “But the car is the wrong color!

My Sister’s Sins

Everybody has asked me why I am so angry all the time, but they never stop long enough and ask enough to know my story. If you want to know, then this is my story. So a couple years ago, my sister was playing with her Barbie dolls peacefully, but all hell ran loose though when my peace was broken. My sister got up and she pushed me off the couch that I was reading on and then she said, “Quick! A murderer is coming! HIDE!” I didn’t because I knew this was a trick. But I was mistaken greatly.

The Abandoned Candy Shop

I don’t have much time to talk, but I can tell you this, don’t go to the London train station. I went there when I was just seven years old and this is how my whole entire life changed forever. My parents and I were going to catch a ride to another city in London, when I decided to go check out the train station. I looked around and then I saw a candy bar. I thought: Wow! There’s a candy bar? I’m going to ask my parents if I can buy some candy with my allowance I kept earning!

The Sadness of the Flowing River

Most people don’t know who I am and where I live, and I don’t either, but there is one thing that keeps me connected to my past; the Flowing River. It helps me through my hardships and I love to just chill next to it. The way I found it was when my mother told me to get a bucket full of water so we can wash our clothes, and I tried scooping water into it from the mysterious river, but when I pulled the bucket out, I found that it was empty. What a surprise! I was very confused.

My Ugly New Driveway

Today, when I came back from school, I saw that construction was happening in my driveway. Apparently, they were creating a new driveway for me, putting new pavement on top of the old pavement to make it look newer. There were five people working on it in all, and there was one person holding up a red ladder and then another was on the red ladder, working on my roof. Another was trying to get a coin, that was a quarter from sinking in the wet pavement that was on my fresh driveway. It was slowly sinking in the goo.

The Vinegar Stings Like Knives

Tonight is my birthday party. I am so excited, but there is one thing that hurts: the vinegar cut. Yesterday, when I was decorating my house for my birthday party and was just about to rest, but then I cut myself on a streamer. Dark blood trickled and oozed out of the cut. At first I thought it was just a paper cut, but I was mistaken, it was something else, something big. Just then, my mom had told me to pour some vinegar for her and it went into my cut, and the vinegar was sharp, like a knife.

I Lost My Bear

Yesterday, when I was walking on the wet, slippery sidewalk, I slipped and fell and I skinned my knee. I had brought a bear with me to play with when we got to the resturaunt we were planning to go to. But, the sad thing was that when I slipped and fell, my mother had pulled me up and dragged me away. So when she did that, I didn’t have time to pick up my beloved bear, which led to me losing the bear. It is a soft pastel pink color with a red ribbon tied around its pink neck.

The Breakfast

Many people think that the first meal of the day, breakfast is the best and the most important meal of the day. But to me, after today’s breakfast, it has washed out  my meaning of breakfast forever. First of all, my mother when she woke up acted psycho and decided to embroider a rainbow fringe to line our tablecloth. Apparently, she thinks that rainbows is the color black, so she embroidered the whole entire tablecloth’s fringe in black. Then, the eggs caught on fire! The eggs were flickering in the daylight with the flames of fire licking the plate hungrily.