Week #30

Summer break has finally arrived! My friend Gerald and I are planning to go to go to a magician studio. When we got there, we immediately started exploring. What we found there made our jaw drop. There were all sorts of cool things here! Finally, it was time for the real show. The magician first started by taking off his sweater, only to have another one underneath. Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing. The show went on like this from pennies to bunnies. Unfortunately, the time came to  leave and we all exited, all looking awed. Gerald and I loved it!

Week #29

Today my class and I got to go to the zoo for a field trip. When we got there, the entrance looked very slick and greasy. I guess it was cleaned recently. We got some brown pellets to give to the animals. Immediately, my friend wanted to go to the giraffes and feed them.( My friend LOVES giraffes.) After that, we went to the flamingos. We didn’t stay there long though because their water was salty and contaminated the air. Later, we got to the lizards. One was camouflaged on a brown log. Finally, our exciting field trip was over.

Week #28

Today I’m part of NASA. We are going to another planet to explore. As I board the spaceship, I wonder what it could look like. After what seems like forever, we’re off. When we finally get there, all I see are these weird brown things, covered in what looks like a black cloak. My fellow scientists go off to explore this new world. Meanwhile, I go over to the cloaked figures and find out they are a new species. They are bear-liked animals with leaves and dust all over them. Apparently they are rooted to the spot. Suddenly, I’m gone.

Week #23

Today my dad has been asked to help build a house. Luckily, my dad said I could come and watch. I watched as his friend helped bring the pavement up a red ladder to help build the house. Suddenly, I heard water. There was a leak in the pipes! Before I knew it, all the supplies for the house were sinking. Thankfully, all the workers were okay, including my dad. Turns out, everyone was okay, but there was a lot of work to do. They had to put some coins together to fix the mess. At least it was exciting!

Week #22

Today was the day when our class got to take a field trip to the science museum. When we got there we were greeted by a staff member. She showed us around and took us to the science lab. There, she showed us how to make an explosion. You have to mix baking soda and vinegar. She put in the baking soda, and as she was pouring in the vinegar, I noticed a very strong scent in the room. It was the vinegar! The vinegar was too sharp for my smell. Finally, we were done. I had an amazing day!

Week #20

Today I have violin class. I’m so excited! As we drove to my teacher’s house, I wondered what song I was going to play. Finally, we got there. When we got inside, my teacher greeted me with a wave. I got my violin out and gave it to my teacher to tune. My teacher played it and I couldn’t help noticing it was completely out of tune! Luckily, my teacher fixed it and I started to play the piece he told me to play. After practice was over, my teacher told me I played wonderful! After that, we went home.

Week #19

Quietly, I crept down the stairs under the flickering candlelight to do my Mother’s Day surprise. I put eggs in a black pan and washed some an apple, being careful not to make to much noise. Then, I started on the pancakes. Finally, I finished making the scrumptious food and got the plate ready. On the fringe of the plate I put a pretty pink wave of paper for decoration. By now, the sun was starting to come out. I walked up the stairs and went to my mom’s room. Opening her pearly white door, I yelled, Happy Mother’s Day!

Week #18

One nice summer day my mom told me that we were going to the beach. Hooray! Later, we were all packed and ready to go. When we got there I saw a spectacular sight. On the beach were so many colorful figures that seemed to be Chinese. They were all so many different colors like blue, green purple, and yellow! They made the beach look just gorgeous! We spent our day marveling at the statues and playing in the sand. We even did a little swimming! Unfortunately, our day ended quickly and we had to go home. What a day!

Week #17

Today I get to babysit my friend’s little sister. I’m very excited! When I saw her, I almost squealed. She was so cute! I went to get her some milk, but when I got back, she was gone! This was frightening! But… how could she just disappear? After a while, I finally found her in her room, playing with her dolls. Finally, I gave her the milk and she seemed happy. Good. Everything was alright. For now. All I can hope is to make it through today and not get in any more trouble. Finally, my exhausting job was done.

Week 16 Challenge

One day I was riding my bicycle with my friend, Anna. We decided we could go over to my house. When we got home, the house looked empty. We searched the house and found pink bubbles in the bathroom. Huh. My mom must still be at work. Well, that was okay because that meant my friend and I could start jamming! We fired up some music in the living room and started dancing. Soon we were exhausted and decided to have a snack. As we ate, we talked about how weird our day had been. Finally, my mom came home.