My Sad Sad Soup

It was somebody’s fault because they dropped the salt down to the brown soup. It didn’t make a difference to the down feeling when somebody had my brown soup. All the salt melted to nothing, only one person who was belted to the soup could see. The sad soup was on a greasy turn down to fleecy.  The giraffe and calf couldn’t see a thing. Everyone says: ” What a sad, sad soup.” Now lift my hopes and make me glee and don’t mope at my soup.  Make my sad sad soup great, and  please don’t hate, my sad sad soup.

The Darkness of All

The light was losing the war. News was spreading out that the darkness of creation was gaining new and dangerous allies. The light was spreading over the land making people happy, but darkness was turning anger and hatred on the light’s land. The troops were meeting at their main base. When they got there, darkness was rising out of the ground. They were all uncertain of what they were. They tried to fight back, but they were too strong. Suddenly they were stuck in the ground unable to escape.  Legend has it that if they escape, death would be everywhere.

The Slit of Paper

I was on my case and was super close to finding out who the  culprit was that I felt that the answer was under my nose the whole time. Then suddenly there was a little slit of paper hanging out from a side of a box. It said, You were so close, but not too close, said the note, I was so cross that I felt a pain of sorrow crawling up my throat. I only let one tear drip down my face. I then heard some footfalls behind me, but didn’t really care. Then suddenly my eye’s went black…

The New Museum

” I’m so excited about the new museum down the street!” Willow said as they were walking down the street to the new museum. The museum just opened in Italy and she was super excited about it. ” Will it be like the last store mom?” she asked as she turned the corner. We soon got there and opened the door and saw that it looked very empty. Mother and I saw that there was a candy booth with nobody in it. ” Where is everyone?” I asked. I then heard a noise upstairs and decided to go up and check it out…

Happy Birthday!

My birthday was today and I was so excited for the big surprise my parents are giving me. So they made me so excited for the big surprise that time on the clock was ticking so slow that a slug could move faster. Finally, it was the end of the day and I was handed a huge box as light as a feather. When I opened the box it was empty. What a surprise! It made me feel empty that my parents got me an empty box. I turned around to my parents and I saw a puppy for me.

A Wonderful Dream

Have you ever had a strange dream to real that you felt like you were actually living it? Well, last night I had this wonderful dream. It was so amazing that I’m going to tell you my dream. To start out I was home snoozing in my big bed.  My alarm went off and I shot up out of bed.  I quickly went down stairs and got ready to go. When I was walking on the pavement and saw a red coins sinking into some cement. I quickly put them on a ladder my pocket and was on my way. 

The Explosion

” Class, please present your projects to the class.”  That was my cue to go to the  front of the class and present my project.  ” Today I will be experimenting with the Elephant Glue experiment.”  The class around me look surprised and really excited for the experiment. I first poured in the vinegar and told the class then suddenly Jacob in the front spit-balled my arm and I accidentally poured the whole vinegar  into the flask ” Uh oh” I squeaked.  The flask began to rumble. It may be that the vinegar was to sharp. Suddenly… Boom! That paste went everywhere. ” Sarah!”

Music to the Ears

Do you know that feeling when you just want to give up? Well, I do and it’s terrible! SO one day I was practicing my ukulele  for the big concert and something didn’t sound right. I tried playing a C, but I get a A instead. I was bewildered, it was completely out of tune. It must have been one of the other contestants. So then I tuned it and then the stage director said I was on in 10 so I headed for the stage. When I stepped on the stage I started to play magically. It was very 


The Strong Standers

  Have you ever been to Sydney, Australia? My Name is Sydney and yes I live in Sydney, laugh all you want.  So there is a lot of interesting things to see in Sydney like the famous Sydney Opera House. You can also see the Sydney Harbor Bridge, Bondi Beach and Darling Harbor, but my most favorite site is the colored soldiers right in a park near the opera house. They are so pretty and filled with vibrant colors. They look like ancient Terracotta Soldiers and stand proud and strong. They hold the power of strength as tourists seek a look.

A Big Surprise

Hi my name is Lily and this is my story. So like most eleven year old girls do on their birthday is party, but not for me this year. So, my sister usually wakes me up on my birthday, but this year there was no tap on my shoulder or tip toeing on the floor so I decided to check it out. She isn’t in her room, but how could she just disappear like that on my birthday! So I left to go down stairs and even my parents weren’t down their. Why is Every one disappearing on me? SURPRISE!