About Bhoomika

I am eleven years old and I love to play kickball, basketball (knock out), football (jackpot), ga ga ball, and soccer. They are the best!

Murder Mystery

As a detective was riding through his city, he saw a woman on the floor, dead next to her scooter who had a note and a thorny rose. He came out quickly to investigate the case. The note said, ” My name is here, can you find me?” The detective excitedly left the scene.

He found three suspects: Billy A. Late, McTransParent Dezmillo, and Esor Ynroth.

Right when the detective saw the person, he realized who it was. Once he knew who it was, he freaked out but went to the person whose name was the place. ‘


My Grandfather

“You know, in the old days, I was the best magician in the world.” Grandpa had a raisin looking face as he sat in a  chair. “I was the one to teach that credit-robber Houdini how to escape. I was really famous for one thing though, in 1938, for uncovering a buried anchor weighing over three tons and two feet tall. Now go get to sleep, I’ll finish tomorrow.” He coughed. That old man was loosin’ his mind! I thought to myself. Never heard so much self proclamation. I slept, and the next morning I woke up, and he was gone.

The Best Dream Ever

The basketball went spinning through the air as I was petrified with the mesmerizing defeat. John was behind me, and he dared to defeat the best girl at knockout : me. The ball circled the rim. Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing, for I had vowed in front of him that I would never loose against a boy. The basketball circled the rim. Before it could get in though, I clutched the basketball and dribbled it furiously, suddenly jumping in the air and making a grand slam dunk. Gerald stopped laughing with his mouth wide open to see me. I woke up.. ..

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My Granny

My granny was really close to me. The others weren’t, like Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing when I fell in mud and Mary made fun of my braces. On my eleventh birthday, Granny gave me two bows – matching. What for? Minutes later, she came with an adorable dog. My dog and I were best friends. Life wasn’t always good though. I joined the army , leaving Granny, with my brothers and fought with them for girl vs. boy rounds. In war, I survived, but not my brothers, and won. A year later, I came home to see granny in the cemetery.

A Cup of Curiousity

” Um, sis? What are giraffes made off?” Baby Karen asked her older, six-year old, sister, Julie.

“Well Karen,” Julie started, but stopped to think, for she wasn’t so sure either, ” Giraffes are made up of greasy brown blood that’s maybe melted!”

“Wait, but why don’t they have blood?”

“Because they are giraffes and they are different from us, humans! Oh yes, and they are salty too.”

Karen looked puzzled, but considered it.

“Why do you ask?” Julie asked Karen curiously.

“Oh, because my teacher gave us homework that’s for a grade!” Karen answered.

The next day, Karen came home crying.


A New Nation

It appears to be,

Ugly and brown,

For I have the key,

That seems to frown.

The stumpy trees,

that have been cut,

Are actually bees,

That have been mutts.

Mysterious it sounds,

Those are people,

For this founds,

my favorite Mr Leoplle.

My friends and family,

Buried here,

Eww, so clammily,

That’s how they disappear.

Why choose them,

You may ask,

Here I am mum,

A raccoon with a mask.

I may have betrayed,

But I am good,

I have prayed,

And I need food.

Don’t you see the relation,

This is all true,

I have discovered a nation!


Broken Basketball

I pulled my uniform happy and proud,

Then I fell with a thunk so bad and loud,

“But it is the wrong color!” I exclaim in disbelief,

What happened? Was it stolen by a thief?

I wore it anyways of red, pink and blue,

Going in the basketball stadium wishing for the flu,

I saw all my opponents laughing at me,

Now’s the time I wanna be a tree.

My coach yells at me unfairly,

He does that, but really rarely,

I find my cheeks burning hot,

Then he makes me sit out,

I see my teammates,

Loosing very badly!


Troubling Tough Time

I was so cross that …

I yelled at my brother,

I punched my little sister,

I finished all my birthday cake,

And there were no leftovers,

I didn’t do my homework,

And I argued with my teacher,

I played computer games,

And I didn’t listen to my mother,

I threw my banana peel on the floor,

And I just smacked a ball on my opponent,

For kickball I made my team loose,

And, oh yeah, I injured my ga-ga ref,

I didn’t study for my Math Test,

I threw a spit ball at my principal’s ear,

What a day!




Remember Math, Forget History !?

Now, the world is too overpopulated. There are so many new models and technology that we have totally forgot about are history and friends. Everyone here, and I mean everyone, doesn’t care. Except for me. I want to make the world a BETTER place; most of all, collect the history that has been trashed. Well, one day after a journey in the woods, I found a creaky archaic-looking building. I went inside its checker board floors and the CANDY BAR that was adjacent to me. There were blown-of candles, and a dusty chandelier. “Someone lived here. I will find him.”

Ripples of Emptiness

The first time I saw my mother’s eyes, I knew she had a heart full of love and so did I. She barked me to sleep every night and brought me meat in the day. One day though, she was getting food for me and when she crossed the road, a truck hit her. I saw all the blood ooze from her legs. I ran to her and locked her final farewell deep into myself. I stayed at her side until another big truck came. It drove off, and then the spot was empty. What a surprise! Tears drove out.