About Avani

I love sports, especially Ga Ga and kickball. I play soccer and swimming and lots of other sports too. I like science and animals and am very competitive. I am like a tomboy, so you won't see me with dresses or nail polish. I also LOVE to horse around and tell jokes. When I grow up I want to be a marine biologist and a sports person!

Powerful Potion

Decades ago, a magician had created a magical potion that would be the most powerful in the world. He had added one characteristic that would save it from getting into the wrong hands. One day, and exile witch, Mela, came and asked for the potion. He told her that he isn’t giving it, and that it was right in front of her. Mela looked to see a substance, it looked just like water. Mela grew angry and banished the magician from sight. It turns out that Merlin was right, the most powerful position ever was right in front of Mela.

Mistake or Murder?

The lights were flickering, transpaperent colors. Mr. Percy walked down to the main room for his popular shop and yawned, for it was late. He was excited for tomorrow, because tomorrow was the day when his store would be published in the front page of the newspaper. Just as he lied down on bed, he heard glass break. He quickly rose out of bed and ran back into the main room. There he saw a shadow and a gun. The man said only one word, “Run.” He jumped on his scooter, froze, heard laughter, then closed his eyes and fell.

The Last of Captain Robin and Monkey

There once was a humble pirate, Captain Robin. He had a friend, Monkey, and Captain Robin gave Monkey his freedom. One day, Captain Robin found treasure to give to the homeless, so he jumped out of the ship he had anchored. But when he got the treasure and turned back, the other greedy pirates started to turn the ship around. “Wait!” Cried Captain Robin. Monkey just leaped out of Captain Robin’s arms and just held onto the anchor, which broke off the ship.The ship left and Captain Robin and monkey were both isolated. That  anchor is still there for proof.


Gerald was closest to his father. On his birthday, he got a pair of socks in his birthday party. Then the dad had told him to wait and had brought a retriever. That was a great moment for Gerald. Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing. A few years later, Gerald became a famous soccer player. However, he was asked for the army. Gerald surely wanted to serve his country, so he accepted. He was safe from a war that had occurred, but when he came home, he saw his dog laying on the floor and no sign of his father. Dead.

Chemistry Jokes

“NaCl is what compound class?” Mr. Brooke said. This is so easy! I thought. “Anyone? Anyone?” Sighed Mr, Brooke, “Well, does sodium chloride help?” I raise my hand. “Yes.” Said the teacher in delight. “Sodium Chloride is used in brown, melted chocolate.” I say, “Honestly, to me personally, it tastes like a giraffe’s sweat. A giraffe’s sweat is honestly greasy when it is on the floor, so…” “Stop!!! Just go to the point!” Mr. Brooke bellowed. “What I am trying to say is… NaCl is basically a giraffe’s sweat in chocolate.” I say, proudly. Everyone laughs except teacher, “It’s salt!”

Attempt of the Future

Long, long, ago, our world used to be a place full of green grass, and smelled always like honey and nectar. But now, because of littering and pollution, our oceans have been rising because of global warming. The past has past, but it may be too late to change the future. A huge flood will come, on Friday 13, 2023, and it will be the biggest in history. It will wipe out the human kind, devouring them in our fine oceans. Then, the remains will be brains and bones, no one alive but the survivors. Is that what you want to happen?

Diary of a Wedding: I Quit

My aunt found a mate,

I believe she’s bait.

For she now has a chance to engage.

She has invited us,

“So don’t be late!” She’s exclaimed.

Mum agreed,

So we set off formally.

I having a grose pink dress!


Pink is the yuckiest,

Aunty chose it for me.

“But it is a wrong color!”

For I am a tomboy.

We reached there at time,

So we took seat,

Before the piano chimed,

The wedding tune,

(its awkward)

I saw my aunt,

With her white, dressing gown.

Then that vampire came,

His tongue snarling.

“He better not eat me!”



Robot Substitutes

It is said that in the future, robots would take over the Earth with their futuristic technologies. It can grow so out of hand, that us, the humans, can be replaced by robots. “Sure, robots are a huge help to us now, but one day, they could be such advanced technology, that they can actually REPLACE us,” argues unknown, “They could make us lazy, and be doing things that humans don’t want to do.” Reading this, people would be outraged. When I read it, even I was so cross. Would you want robots to play sports for entertainment? I wouldn’t.

I am More Than Just A Crackpot

When I moved in this wickedly cool house, it just reminded my of “Somebody Once Told Me,” because it felt like the whole world was rolling in on me. The house that I lived in, was actually a presidential residence, since I was the daughter of my dad, the new president. Kids used to tease me about me being a weirdo, and I became unluckier whenever I stepped foot in that house. But one day, I was sleeping and the house came to life. I raced down the stairs, to see a time machine. I couldn’t help but grin mischievously.

Starfury and Mother Wistaria Vine

Dancing with the stars, with my hippogriff, Starfury, we sensed the glitter light-burst right close to our grips. That night was completely empty! What a surprise! We flied together until the ebony sky turned pale into dawn. Dawn’s colors just shone onto our faces, performing a scurry of bright, vivid colors onto showcase just for us. We found a lukewarm, toasty, fiery rock, and gripped our bodies onto it, as we look up into the wondrous sky of colors and dreaminess. Fluttering to the Wistaria- vine tree, I touched a purple flower, turning itself into dozens of, charming, violet, butterflies.