The Weird Dish

One day I was looking at a menu and one of the dishes was called the greasy melted brown giraffe with salt.  I thought, what was in the dish.  Maybe it was mango ice cream that tasted a little greasy with fudge and salt.  I was tempted to order it, but maybe it was a greasy giraffe that was brown and melted with salt.  I felt like asking a waiter what it was but I don’t want to put any quotation marks in here.  I decided to order it and turns out it was both of the thoughts I had.

The Haunted Graveyard

One day I was walking in a field when I saw something weird.  They were either skeletons or vultures wrapped in wings or a black cloth.  It was near dark and after I walked around all the bodies came to life!  I was very afraid but I decided it must be a hoax.  Turns out it was, some other boys wanted to scare me as a joke.  They got severely punished by there moms and dads.  Hopefully they learn there lesson and they don’t do it again.  Though I may have my revenge if I really feel like it later.

The Mysterious Castle

One day my friends and I were exploring and we found mysterious castle.  I remembered that my parents once told me about a small castle like manor nearby and they said that it was safe to explore.  My and I decided to check it out.  It was in good condition.  No people lived here.  I saw a grand staircase with something called a candy bar next to it.  It was not a literal small candy bar it was a bar that sold candies.  It was all very strange .  Good thing that there were no traps that could hurt my friends!

The Empty Box

When I got home from school I saw a box.  I went inside and opened it.  It was empty, what a surprise!  I asked my mom about and she was just as confused as I was.  I showed my dad and I showed my friends but non of them had a clue.  I decided I would continue searching for the answer.  Then I got an idea that maybe a message was written in a box in invisible ink.  I found my old ultra violet light and shined all over the outside of the box and shined it on the inside.

A Drawing Day

When I got home from school I saw something red. Turns out that it was a red marker.  With it I decided to draw a brown, wood ladder sinking into tan quicksand.  Then I drew a picture of coins on pavement.  Then I drew a picture of coins on pavement.  After that I played around and did my few chores.  Right after I finished my chores I played upstairs with my Legos.  When it was finally an hour before dinner I went out of the room and started reading Artemis Fowl: The Last Guardian, book seven in that popular series.


One day after I came back from school, the sharp smell of cooking filled my nose.  My mom called me to help with the cooking.  I tasted the dish and said that the vinegar was too sharp.  My mom added a few ingredients to decrease the taste of the extremely sharp vinegar.  after that my mom started to make another dish for later to eat tomorrow.  Then when she finished I played outside with my friends.  After that I played with my Legos to cool down from the heat outside.  My mom, my dad, and I decided to play Monopoly.

Out of Tune

One day I was coming back from school.  I decided to play my violin.  I walked in and picked up my violin and started to play.  My violin was horribly out of tune.  After I went tuned my violin and went through a few songs.  Once I finished practice on my violin I practiced on my recorder.  Finally I went outside and invited people in my neighborhood to play Knockout.  Almost everybody in my neighborhood.  A few people were at a class and couldn’t play.  Even though some people in my neighborhood were not there we had the best game!

Kick Boxing Zombies

A few seconds after the next day after the events of Number the Stars.  After a breakfast of eggs washed down with orange juice.  Annemarie and Kirsti got ready for shopping.  Kirsti planned to buy a fringed dress.  Annemarie wasn’t sure what she was going to wear.  Turns out, that a few secret Hitler supporters got there hands on a nuclear bomb and dropped it on Copenhagen.  Everybody died, Annemarie started to head to the flickering light.  Then she and all her family came back to life as kickboxing zombies.  First match Annemarie against Hitler.  Stay tuned for the match!

Terracotta Soldiers

I was in Australia when I stumbled upon brightly colored terracotta soldiers.  I was surprised any body would make something like that so I took a picture.  In the background there is the famous opera house.  I wondered about the ones that had two different colors.  Did they run out of paint or do it on purpose to make it look weird?  I went in for a closer look and I noticed that the faces, clothes, and armor were very detailed.  The statues looked freshly painted and there was no damaged parts so I assume that they are very new.

How could she Disappear

After a grueling hour in school I finally reached home.  When I went inside I saw my Mom and Dad panicking.  They told me that my baby sister just disappeared.  Through out the search I wondered how could she just disappear?  After many, many minutes I found her, she accidentally locked herself in the in the bathroom.  My Mom and Dad were so relieved.  I was relieved and annoyed.  My baby sister seemed annoyed.  I was surprised my Mom and Dad couldn’t find her.  Couldn’t they hear her crying?  After that we all played a few speed rounds of Monopoly.