A day at the Zoo

One day I went to the zoo and I saw the most magnificent marvelous brown spotted giraffes ever. Then I went to get a pizza and it was super salty and greasy. Next I went to see the penguins and on the way I saw some walruses. Then I went to see some rhinos and hippos. After that I went home and on my way I got some ice cream. Then it started to melt in sun. When I got home I finished my half melted ice cream. As the day ended I watched the sun vanish behind the trees.

Rise of the soilders

Once upon a time long ago there was a king. He was a greedy king and he wanted much more land. So he made all the men in the kingdom join the army. The problem was that it was a kingdom of farmers and blacksmiths with no battle skills. Also none of them wanted to join so when they went to battle they all died in a creek and since then they have all sunken. But now they all have risen to find and destroy the kings great great great great great great great great grandson, to finally get revenge.

The Heist

Long, long, ago in a kingdom there was a very powerful emperor and his name was King Hedi. He also had two loyal subjects or so he thought. Little did King Hedi know that his two “loyal” subjects had been planning to steal his most prized chandelier. After ten years his two trusted subjects finally found the perfect chance to make their risky move. So that night they slipped on their sneakers and snuck into the castle. They took the secret elevator down to the 2nd floor and then one of them leaped of the railing and grabbed the chandelier.


The Greatest Day

Today morning I woke up and darted down stairs and made myself scrambled eggs for breakfast. I was really excited to go to a party that afternoon. Before I left for school I made sure to check to make sure that my fringe dress had been washed. My day dragged on and on and on until it was finally time to leave for the party. When we arrived I walked into a room with black lights flickering. Mackenzie walked up to me and greeted me. Finally I grabbed a drink and sat down to relax for the of the night.

A Strange Place

One day I was at my local library looking for a book to read. As I walked by the history section I got sucked into a book! I was in a place that looked exactly like Sydney, Australia except for there were these statues. They almost looked like the Terracotta army from China except they were colorful with solid colors. I saw a man walk by so I asked him what they were and why were they here. He said that they have always been here. Then I walked around the city and all you could see was weird artifacts.

How I was fired.

One morning I woke and I realized I was late for work. So I got ready and hopped on my bike. As I was riding to work I seemed to pass a bubbles shop. Once I got to work I saw the exterior was strangely painted pink. I thought maybe my eyes where playing tricks on me. So I walked in the building and it was empty! I looked around the building and figuredĀ  I had taken a wrong turn some where. The I got a call from my boss I was fired. Now I work at a bubbles shop.