About Holli

I am a UVA and Washington Wizards fan, and I play basketball and soccer.

Gabby Giraffe

There once was a giraffe named Gabby. Oh how cute little Abby thought Gabby was. Gabby was honey with brown spots like hot cocoa. Although Abby reeked of salt, Gabby fell in love with Abby, as Abby did to Gabby. The only problem was that Abby had to convince her parents to let her keep Gabby before she was shipped off to the Bronx Zoo.  Abby bravely talked her greasy haired dad and caring mother into letting her adopt Gabby. Little to Abby’s knowledge, she would also be adopting Gabby’s younger brother Gibbie who had melted after wearing giraffe pants.

Graveyard Jubilee

Every five years, Balf and his family gather to watch the living on their annual hike. Balf and his family are part of an unknown species called nervidorkens, who live in the underworld serving Hades. On this special day, Hades gives the nervidorkens a day to do whatever they want. Balf’s family choose to see the living and hope to make friends and take them to the pits of Tartarus to live and stay there for all eternity. Although, Balf and his family don’t have unlimited freedom. After sunset on the day they return to the underworld to serve again.

Queen’s Quarters

“Get me the sledge hammer so I can penetrate this wall.” I stated. After hacking the walls forever, it finally gave. All the  hidden contents were revealed, but instead of a Queen’s belongings, I get what looked like an old barber shop with an elderly candy shop. “WHATT!?!?” I had spent all my life trying to find the belongings of Queen Victoria, and when my coworker suggested this place to me I said “okay”. I can’t believe he tricked me into getting arrested, I mean I know what I do is illegal, but he didn’t have to get me arrested.

Come Back Gracie

“I Annelise Witherspoon, hereby declare that I have lost my daughter, Gracie Alexandra Witherspoon.” My mother announced as I sat in my room still slightly unconscious. My biological father had stopped by, but the second I accidentally stepped on his luggage, he socked me in the face, and I became unconscious. My mom had carried me upstairs thinking I was dead, but she tried to still stay positive. Oddly enough, she kept whispering things to herself like “She’s not really dead Annelise.” But when she didn’t see me on the floor of my room she said “empty… What a surprise…”

Colorful Currency Cake

“Hurry Ashley!” screamed Charlotte. “Sorry, but this ladder is really unstable!” “Well the chocolate coins are sinking into the red white chocolate ganache!” The cake had several edible items, such as $10 bills and several coins. “Ashley let me take the cake outside, so you don’t drop it.” “Okay, fine. But I wouldn’t have dropped it!” When Charlotte was carrying the cake outside she tripped on to the  charcoal gray craggy pavement and the cake fell out of her stick-like arms. After Ashley had cleaned up the kitchen, she found Charlotte crying in the living room. “I’m sorry Charlotte.” stated Ashley.

Molly and Gwen

Molly and Gwen were  twin sisters. The dynamic duo loved to bake.  Although, today was different. Molly and Gwen were getting along just fine, until they started baking their latest creation, the Chocolate Vinegar cake. The twins started dumping flour and sugar into bowls everywhere until they had a thick chocolaty batter. Last but not least was to add the vinegar. Molly didn’t know how much to add, so she added the entire thing. After Gwen threw it in the oven, the two decided to taste it. Molly and Gwen shouted, “This is spongy, but the vinegar was too sharp!”

Ashley’s Amazing Adventure

“YAY!!!” I’m finally leaving this dump!” In the arms of the cutest little girl in the world named Kennedy, Ashley lay there resting in her arms. On the streets of London, England Kennedy was almost hit by a car and dropped Ashley in the middle of the street. As soon as Kennedy was welcomed into her house, she realized what she had done. Kennedy was pessimistic. She couldn’t believe what she had just done! Ashley lay there on the street for five years before a young boy named Sean picked her up. Up to this day she’s still with Sean.

Delaney’s Dilemma

“Ugh!” Delaney scoffed at her guitar teacher Mr. Beal. Delaney had been trying all day to learn how to play “Hit me with your Best Shot” by Pat Benatar. Delaney’s caramel colored wood grain guitar was out of tune, and had been all day. Hours upon hours Delaney had spent tuning it, but the tuning just wouldn’t stick. Mr. Beal even gave her his guitar to try but at first touch it was out of tune and her guitar went back into tune. Delaney was aghast. In a million years, she never thought that she could’ve screwed up this badly.

Hello Beautiful

“Hello students, today we have a new student. Her name is Riley and she’s from Hollywood, California.” Oh boy, when she walked in, the room literally went dark. Wearing only a black tank with fringe at the bottom and distressed denim shorts she was pretty as could be. Starstruck, I asked her to come over for dinner later, I wasn’t expecting it to go so well… but she said “Sure.” I was jubilant, I got home and threw eggs all over my room. I washed all of the nice dishes and lit candles, but the candles flickered at her arrival.

Sorrowful Standing Statue

Chase Custis was an ordinary 11 year old girl, up until her 11th birthday. Chase arose at dawn with a knot in her stomach. Chase wolfed down breakfast thinking of the long flight ahead of her. Chase’s family lived in Tampa, Florida but they were going to Sydney, Australia to visit Chase’s BFF s Hannah and Alexa Porter. After a long flight, Chase hopped eagerly off the plane. Chase was meeting Hannah and Alexa for dinner later. Chase walked by the Opera House, then POOF! She turned into a colorful statue, and joined the family in front of the Opera House.