Whoosh!!  Faster, Faster! Screech!!  Safe at last. That is not going to happen again.  Sorry for not introducing myself.  I am Nick Julest and I just got back from an interesting grocery store!  It looked like a swamp with roots everywhere.  When I got to the checkout line the cashier was SQUIDWARD!! an the bagger was MR.KRABBS!  And helping take out the carts was SPONGEBOB!  And the most depressing thing of all was PATRICK sorting the money and he counted like this “12, 5 ,7 2,3, 1,000,000,17, ect.”  WHile SPONGEBOB was wearing a hat from Glove World!!  So now do you want to go here!!

The Box

One afternoon I was walking home from school when the UPS truck drove by and as soon as I saw it I broke into a sprint for home.  All of this was for a new Xbox that I ordered last Monday.  Once through the door I made a beeline to the kitchen because when any package arrives at the front door my mom will swoop in and grab it.  I skidded to a stop on the floor.  After my mom scolding me to not run in the house I tore open the box and it was empty.  What a surprise.

Halloween Gone Wrong

It was Halloween and kids were swarming Kingston Street.  In the middle of it all was John.  After three long hours of ringing on doorbells he was ready for some excitement.  A few hours later the excitement came.  Rain poured from the sky and winds reached incredible speeds and then then the real disaster came!  A mud tornado was tearing down a road about four miles away.  Mud was covering the pavement.  Also cats and dogs were standing on things that were as tall as a red ladder.  Also coins were sinking that must have come from a kids pocket.

The Household Mess

     My house is quite crazy.  This morning my brother was walking down the stairs when he slipped on a black piece of cloth and broke the banister on the stairs!  After that my mom had to go to the cleaners to get my brothers shirt washed because our washing  machines danger light had been flickering.  So my mom brought the washing machine to the retailer to get it fixed.  Also this morning one of my other brothers catapulted an egg at my sisters fringed shirt she got the day before!  My family is out of control as you can tell.

The Mysterious Man

Once upon a time there was a boy that was a kings cook.  He was riding his bike home when he heard a sudden, CRACK!!  It sounded a gun being fired.  In a split second he was home in his safe cozy and  empty cabin.  Once in his bed he pondering over the shot he had heard earlier.  He became so curious to the point he ventured to the window and looked out to see the source of the gun shot when, swoosh a man chewing a piece of pink bubble gum captured him!  No one ever saw him again.