About Jack

I am a Duke basketball fan and a basketball player myself.

Duke Basketball

My phone was buzzing. Duke was battling the UCF Knights in the Round of 32. I picked up the Face Time to see Nick screaming at the camera. He said “look at the scoreboard.” I checked the score and felt my heart sinking. Duke was down by 4 with 1:12 seconds to go. It was Duke’s ball. They ran down the court and passed it to Cam. He made a 3 point basket with 1:00 to go. Duke called a timeout. Nick was screaming “UPSET ALERT” meaning that Duke was going to lose. I was so cross that I smashed my phone on the ground.

Abandoned Candy Shop

While I was walking to the bus stop, I spotted this strange house. It was unlike any other house, having a crooked front door and no doorbell. The knocker was shaped like a ghost, and it was in June! My curiosity took over me. I realized the door was open, so I walked in. When I got in, I saw a candy store next to a staircase that led to another hallway I thought. I saw some bubble gum, tasted it, and spit it out. It was like 70 years old! Then someone started banging on the door. I hid upstairs.


Yesterday was a rough day. After school, I wasn’t feeling so well. I went to go relax on the couch when I realized, something was fishy about today. There was this new kid, who acted very suspicious. He wore a black jacket and covered his head with a ski mask. I looked outside, and I heard some rustling in the woods. It was the kid! Without thinking, I chased after him and saw that he was carrying a silver briefcase. When I caught up to him, I snagged his briefcase. I looked inside and it was empty. What a surprise!

My Piggy Bank

It was early in the morning when I woke up to the sound of coins bouncing off my nightstand. My heart felt empty when I saw my red piggy bank smashed on the floor. While walking downstairs, I felt my heart sinking every step I took. I wasn’t hungry for breakfast, so I snuck outside. Outside I saw a ladder on the side of my neighbor’s apartment. I climbed up the ladder and saw that it led to the roof. I sat down and looked out to the city, where workers were busy placing fresh pavement. Finally, I felt happy.

A Dream

It was early in the morning when I saw the light outside my door flickering. I hid under my bed in the pitch black. The eggs on my nightstand shook, then there was a mess all over the floor. I had no time to clean it up because the footsteps got louder and louder. Then I held on to the fringe on the scarf next to my bed so hard that the footsteps stopped. Then I realized, It was all a nightmare. I woke up and someone was washing their clothes. I watched my kitten, Luna pouncing on the washer.



100 Word Challenge Week 16

I had a crazy day today. When I was sleeping, my Xbox randomly fired up. After I turned it off and drifted back to sleep, my kitten jumped on my bed and started attacking the blue stars on my bed. I couldn’t go back to sleep now. My little sister came to my room to see what was going on. Her whole body was pink! She had used a watermelon bath bomb last night. In the meantime, my kitten was blowing bubbles and fighting the empty cat food. The bus had already passed, so I rode my bicycle to school.