About Mackenzie

I have a twin sister and an 18-year-old cat.(who is still alive) I LOVE to play soccer, volleyball, and tennis. I am very artistic and playful. I also am obsessed with pandas!

The “Laughs”

Today is Friday, and I have no homework to do. I decided to play outside with my sister, Anika. Our neighbors came over when they saw us playing. One of them was Paige, and the other was Gerald. We were playing volleyball with a string connected to it. All of a sudden, the ball went flying over the pole, where it was hanging from. Gerald started laughing so hard, we all started laughing. After a few minutes, we stopped laughing, but Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing. We called it “the laughs”. Sometimes, when I play outside, I get “the laughs”.

The Not-So Crowned Chef

Everyone stands up and cheers,

Most of them are my peers.

I’m in a food competition,

And I’m making my new edition!

It is my favorite recipe,

A giraffe pizza, but it’s very greasy!

Only 30 minutes left,

I might be called “The Crowned Chef”.

Then a man next to me

Made a great tragedy!

He knocked over the salt,

It wasn’t my fault.

I wasn’t paying any attention to the microwave,

But to the mess he had made!

When I finally noticed my work,

It was already burnt!

Who’s brown and melted now?

I guess i’m a Not-so Crowned Chef.

Sometimes, Nature Can Be Odd

Everyday, when I look out my grandma’s window, I see a leaf sitting on a tree. At first, it doesn’t look like a leaf, it looks like a bat! That brown leaf never fell off that bare tree in the winter, it just stayed there. When I was walking in the woods, I saw an entire field of leaves. They were not just ordinary leaves you find on the ground, but they were special leaves in the shape of vultures! When I looked closer, I saw that trees had fallen down, making it look like there were vultures all around!

Moving to Florida

My nanny is leaving to go live in Florida on Friday. I want to get her something. She said she didn’t want anything except pictures of us. Her car is so full she can’t see out the back window of her car! This week we took pictures with her and ordered them to be printed out at CVS. When we picked them up, we scanned through them to see how they turned out. But, they all were the wrong colour! All of them were black and white! But, we new she wouldn’t care because she would like anything from us!

House Horror

Today is the worst day of my life! I moved into this weird, old-fashioned place that scares me to bits! It has this candy bar and has spider-webs that make me shiver! I kinda think it looks like the cafeteria at my school, but more creepier. It is pretty huge and it’s walls have nice paintings on them, but who wants to live in a haunted house? Not me! I can’t believe my mom wanted to move here! The thing that I hate the most is the checkered floors. I can’t blame my mom for me not liking this house!

Twiddle Bugs

“Today we are going to the zoo!”, exclaimed papa twiddle bug. “Oh, what a great idea!”, said the littlest twiddle bug. “How are we going to get there?” “We are going to walk to the zoo, it will only take three days.” “THREE DAYS?”, said the twiddle bugs together.”Hey, why don’t we swim to the zoo?”, says the littlest twiddle bug.”Wait a second, don’t we need water to swim to the zoo?”, says mama. “Why don’t we fly to the zoo?

After a while, they finally drove to the zoo. Whew! I thought they would never get to the zoo!

A strange sight

So much noise, I can barely hear! Can someone quiet down this place?

I was playing with some coins that my panda owners gave me, and then I heard a noise coming from outside the playroom. All I could see was a red ladder thing and men working with something, pavement? I decided to climb out of my play place to see what was going on. The one thing that was super weird was this one rodent who was staring at me the whole time I was escaping from the room.

What is happening out there? Is that guy sinking?

Breakfast Bust

I turned on the stove, watching the flames flickering. I washed my hands, picked up a pan, and placed it on the stove ready to make breakfast. As I leaned over the stove to get a spatula, the fringe on my sleeve brushed the pan. I mixed the ingredients together and poured it into the pan. My sister showed me how to flip the eggs, cut them, but she went to the restroom before she showed me when they are ready. Before I knew it, they turned black. I don’t think I’m going to be a chef any time soon.

What a Colorful World

Mornings at Blue Bird Beach is always a thrilling view. Everyday I walk near the shoreline, feeling the warm, soft sand in between my toes. One day, I saw a sensational view that I have never seen before. I saw colorful men standing proud and tall. There was probably 100 of them. I wish I could be over where the statues were, but they were on the other side of the gigantic ocean. Whipping out my camera, I took a a lot of pictures of it. When I  posted it to my mom, she said, “Now, that is a colorful world.”

Nothing to Do

I scanned my room to see if there is actually anything I could possibly do when I caught a glimpse of my step sister’s magician set she passed down to me before she moved to Florida. I decided to finally make it useful in life. When I opened it, there was an eight ball. Picking it up, I noticed a note that said, “I hope to see you soon! Shake the eight ball hard. You’ll see the truth. Cait.” The wind swirled around me as I shook the ball. No movement. Nothing. But how could she just disappear? ‘Bang!’ “No!”