Unusual Day

My unusual day started when I woke up & found a delectable smelling brownie on the counter with a note on it.  It had a giraffe on it and it said, “To whoever found this, enjoy!”  I couldn’t help it, so I gobbled it down in one bite.  “Ewww!  Does this have salt on it?” I asked myself.  Immediately, I spit it out with grease all over my hands.  I never touched a brownie again unless it was one of my grandma’s freshly baked ones.  I was very disappointed, but I could ask my grandma for one of her brownies!

The House

The wind howls as I desperately walk home in need of water.  I stare at the ground counting how many steps I take.  A dark shadow spreads across the ground and I stop dead in my tracks.  I look up and see a big mansion towering over all of the clouds in the gloomy sky.  Curious as I am, I start heading towards the big house hoping it has something for me to eat.  As I get closer to the house, I want to turn back.  I finally reached the door and swung it open.  I couldn’t believe my eyes.

The Surprise

I woke up, happier than usual.  It was my birthday!  I just couldn’t wait to see what I got.  I got dressed into my best birthday dress and ran downstairs to see what was waiting for me.  Presents were piled up so high, I couldn’t see the top!  I scurried over to the pile and picked up one box that had the prettiest wrapping paper.  So, I started to unwrap the box.  I opened the box and there was another box, & another, and another box!  Finally I got to the last box inside the other boxes, & there wasn’t anything inside!

The Tough Build

A group of workers planned to build a beach house on a deserted island.  They decided where to put the beach house and started to build.  Then, they ran into a big problem.  If they built on the spot they chose, then eventually the beach house would start to sink.  So, they made new pavement & finally started to build the walls.  They used red ladders to get up on the roof when they were working on the balcony.  When they finished, they decorated the beach house with seashells, coins, couches, & fancy lighting.  It has a wonderful view of the ocean.

The Lost Teddy Bear

It has been a long stormy night and I just sat there being drowned from the rain on the corner of the busy street.  I wished I could go home to my owner who who care for me and dry me off from the cold.  When a car passed by I shivered hoping it would be my owner picking me up.  All of a sudden, I heard a screech, like the sound of a car stopping.  I heard loud footsteps coming nearer and nearer to me.  A little girl peered over me, then she grabbed me and brought me home.

It Was Completely Out of Tune

I have been teaching myself piano all my life an NOW my mom decides that I should get piano lessons.  My mom wanted me to make a good impression when the piano teacher came to my house so I dressed up in my favorite dress.  When the piano teacher came, she wanted to see if I was playing the piano regularly and if I tune the piano once a year.  I didn’t know what to say, so my mom told me “Why don’t you play Fur Elise for your piano teacher?”  When I pressed one of the notes, it screeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeched!

Fringe Eggs Black Washed Flickering

Today is my sisters birthday!  I planned to make a wonderful breakfast of eggs.  Anyway, while I was making the eggs, the doorbell rang.  When I came back from the door, a weird odor came right up to my nose that smelled of eggs burning.  Then,  my sister came down wearing a pretty dress with pretty fringe on the edges.  She asked me “What are we having for breakfast?”  “Cereal, the eggs I made are black” I said.  After breakfast, I washed the plates and all of a sudden the lights flickered.  I looked outside, and there was no storm.

The Colorful Soldiers

One hot summer day, my mom took my sisters and me to the beach.  I took a long walk on the edge of the water feeling the soft sand sink in between my feet.  For a moment I saw colors and then I saw colorful people.  How come there are statues on the beach?  I wanted to find out who or what these soldiers are and how they came on a beach.  I looked around and didn’t see anything unusual so I walked to the other side and instead of something mysterious, construction workers were building even more colorful statues!

Sophia Disappeared

I am going to my friends house to play with her new puppy.  I went to Sophia’s house and we played hide and seek with her puppy.  All of a sudden, I heard a scream inside of the bathroom.  I recognized that scream, it was Sophia!  Oh no!  I rushed into the bathroom and I saw blood smeared everywhere.  But, Sophia wasn’t in there!  I looked around the whole house and still couldn’t find her.  I went back into the bathroom and I think I saw Sophia’s face in the mirror.  The next thing I knew, she was gone forever!

Bicycle Empty Bubbles Fired Pink

Today, I am riding my bicycle to Sophia’s house for a play date.  It’s going to be so much fun!  I’m taking my favorite pink bubbles to her house so we can play with them.  When I got there, Sophia’s mom was on a very important meeting.  We have to be very quiet so Sophia’s mom won’t get fired from her job.  When I opened the bubbles, it was empty!  So, we decided to take a bike ride around the neighborhood.  We went outside and guess what?  My bike was stolen!  This play date was very unlucky but still interesting.