The Graveyard

Once upon a time there was a creepy graveyard. Every night at 12:00, all the dead bodies came out to scare anyone who stepped in the graveyard.  One kid got dared on halloween to go into the graveyard. He never returned. Every halloween from then on he got revenge on the ones who killed him. He haunts them in their sleep. Creeps up behind them. Makes their lives miserable. One by one they all disappeared. The town got the name Death Village as everyone there died. No one ever goes there and survives. The town of Death Village is no joke.

The Weird Person

Once upon a time there was a girl named with Chloe. She loved things with fringes and her favorite color was black. Chloe really likes eggs, which is her favorite food. She loved to clean and washed almost everything all the time. She also liked watching fire flickering. Chloe is also a nerd and is always reading. One of her favorite books are the The Wild Robot and The Wild Robot Escapes. Her favorite spot to read is on her bed, which is black and has fringes. Chloe’s favorite animal is the Black Bear. Chloe is a very weird person.

My crazy day

One crazy day, I woke up grumpy. My brother was already hogging the bathroom. He knew I was waiting and took even longer. When my brother finally came out, I stepped, the weirdest thing happened. I didn’t know what was going on, and then by brother started screaming like crazy! Then he went bananas and said, but how could she just disappear! I stared into the mirror and then I screamed. All morning I have heard screaming. I stepped out of the bathroom and 2 seconds later, my brother could see me again. I will never go in that bathroom again.

The Pink Bicycle

Once upon a time, in a far away city, there was a pink bicycle. It was Eliza”s favorite thing in the world. Everyday she would ride her bike while blowing big bubbles at the little kids while she rode past them. The seat of the bike was never empty. Eliza took her bike everywhere. She would ride it school and go on bike trails. She rode her bike really fast. She raced with her friends and always won. 3, 2, 1 go!! She fired away and no one could ever beat her.  Eliza was the fastest bike rider in the whole entire town.