Murder Mystery

As a detective was riding through his city, he saw a woman on the floor, dead next to her scooter who had a note and a thorny rose. He came out quickly to investigate the case. The note said, ” My name is here, can you find me?” The detective excitedly left the scene.

He found three suspects: Billy A. Late, McTransParent Dezmillo, and Esor Ynroth.

Right when the detective saw the person, he realized who it was. Once he knew who it was, he freaked out but went to the person whose name was the place. ‘


2 thoughts on “Murder Mystery

  1. It is Esor Ynroth isn’t it? Cool riddle, I love solving these things…
    Rose Thorny (Unscrambled) (^_^) (^_^) (^_^)

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