My Grandfather

“You know, in the old days, I was the best magician in the world.” Grandpa had a raisin looking face as he sat in a  chair. “I was the one to teach that credit-robber Houdini how to escape. I was really famous for one thing though, in 1938, for uncovering a buried anchor weighing over three tons and two feet tall. Now go get to sleep, I’ll finish tomorrow.” He coughed. That old man was loosin’ his mind! I thought to myself. Never heard so much self proclamation. I slept, and the next morning I woke up, and he was gone.

2 thoughts on “My Grandfather

  1. Wow, “your grandfather” must have been a spectacular man…because Houdini was the world greatest magician… (BETTER THEN GRANDFATHER WHO SELF PROCLAMATE) (^_^) Noice

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