Gerald was closest to his father. On his birthday, he got a pair of socks in his birthday party. Then the dad had told him to wait and had brought a retriever. That was a great moment for Gerald. Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing. A few years later, Gerald became a famous soccer player. However, he was asked for the army. Gerald surely wanted to serve his country, so he accepted. He was safe from a war that had occurred, but when he came home, he saw his dog laying on the floor and no sign of his father. Dead.

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I love sports, especially Ga Ga and kickball. I play soccer and swimming and lots of other sports too. I like science and animals and am very competitive. I am like a tomboy, so you won't see me with dresses or nail polish. I also LOVE to horse around and tell jokes. When I grow up I want to be a marine biologist and a sports person!

5 thoughts on “Dead

  1. Hi Avani, well after that great start with a happy laughing Gerald what a shock ending! I like the way you have packed information into this piece and how you have moved through time so easily. Good work, well done.

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