Murder Mystery

As a detective was riding through his city, he saw a woman on the floor, dead next to her scooter who had a note and a thorny rose. He came out quickly to investigate the case. The note said, ” My name is here, can you find me?” The detective excitedly left the scene.

He found three suspects: Billy A. Late, McTransParent Dezmillo, and Esor Ynroth.

Right when the detective saw the person, he realized who it was. Once he knew who it was, he freaked out but went to the person whose name was the place. ‘


Mistake or Murder?

The lights were flickering, transpaperent colors. Mr. Percy walked down to the main room for his popular shop and yawned, for it was late. He was excited for tomorrow, because tomorrow was the day when his store would be published in the front page of the newspaper. Just as he lied down on bed, he heard glass break. He quickly rose out of bed and ran back into the main room. There he saw a shadow and a gun. The man said only one word, “Run.” He jumped on his scooter, froze, heard laughter, then closed his eyes and fell.

My Grandfather

“You know, in the old days, I was the best magician in the world.” Grandpa had a raisin looking face as he sat in a  chair. “I was the one to teach that credit-robber Houdini how to escape. I was really famous for one thing though, in 1938, for uncovering a buried anchor weighing over three tons and two feet tall. Now go get to sleep, I’ll finish tomorrow.” He coughed. That old man was loosin’ his mind! I thought to myself. Never heard so much self proclamation. I slept, and the next morning I woke up, and he was gone.

The Last of Captain Robin and Monkey

There once was a humble pirate, Captain Robin. He had a friend, Monkey, and Captain Robin gave Monkey his freedom. One day, Captain Robin found treasure to give to the homeless, so he jumped out of the ship he had anchored. But when he got the treasure and turned back, the other greedy pirates started to turn the ship around. “Wait!” Cried Captain Robin. Monkey just leaped out of Captain Robin’s arms and just held onto the anchor, which broke off the ship.The ship left and Captain Robin and monkey were both isolated. That  anchor is still there for proof.

The “Laughs”

Today is Friday, and I have no homework to do. I decided to play outside with my sister, Anika. Our neighbors came over when they saw us playing. One of them was Paige, and the other was Gerald. We were playing volleyball with a string connected to it. All of a sudden, the ball went flying over the pole, where it was hanging from. Gerald started laughing so hard, we all started laughing. After a few minutes, we stopped laughing, but Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing. We called it “the laughs”. Sometimes, when I play outside, I get “the laughs”.

The Best Dream Ever

The basketball went spinning through the air as I was petrified with the mesmerizing defeat. John was behind me, and he dared to defeat the best girl at knockout : me. The ball circled the rim. Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing, for I had vowed in front of him that I would never loose against a boy. The basketball circled the rim. Before it could get in though, I clutched the basketball and dribbled it furiously, suddenly jumping in the air and making a grand slam dunk. Gerald stopped laughing with his mouth wide open to see me. I woke up.. ..

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Class Pets

It was just a regular day in Ms. Baltome’s class and Gerald was sitting in the back of the classroom playing with his pencil. The classes’ pet hamster, Stevey was also sitting in the back nibbling on a piece of  yellow hay. Gerald took a mischievous glance at the hamster and smiled his sly smile. At the end of the day, once everyone else had left, he quickly opened the cage, snatched the hamster and took off down the hall to catch his bus. The next day everyone was a nervous wreck looking for Stevey. Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing!


Gerald was closest to his father. On his birthday, he got a pair of socks in his birthday party. Then the dad had told him to wait and had brought a retriever. That was a great moment for Gerald. Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing. A few years later, Gerald became a famous soccer player. However, he was asked for the army. Gerald surely wanted to serve his country, so he accepted. He was safe from a war that had occurred, but when he came home, he saw his dog laying on the floor and no sign of his father. Dead.

Week #30

Summer break has finally arrived! My friend Gerald and I are planning to go to go to a magician studio. When we got there, we immediately started exploring. What we found there made our jaw drop. There were all sorts of cool things here! Finally, it was time for the real show. The magician first started by taking off his sweater, only to have another one underneath. Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing. The show went on like this from pennies to bunnies. Unfortunately, the time came to  leave and we all exited, all looking awed. Gerald and I loved it!

My Granny

My granny was really close to me. The others weren’t, like Gerald just couldn’t stop laughing when I fell in mud and Mary made fun of my braces. On my eleventh birthday, Granny gave me two bows – matching. What for? Minutes later, she came with an adorable dog. My dog and I were best friends. Life wasn’t always good though. I joined the army , leaving Granny, with my brothers and fought with them for girl vs. boy rounds. In war, I survived, but not my brothers, and won. A year later, I came home to see granny in the cemetery.