The Strange Thing

Today was the worst day ever! I was going hiking with my dad and then I saw this strange group of trees. It looked like they had tuffs of hair and it also looked like they had leathery bat wings. I was mortifying and I can never get that picture out of my brain. It is the worst memory I have ever kept of something. At first I thought the “trees” were men, but then when I poked one and put my hand on one, it was not moving, nor breathing like a man would. I got extremely, terrifyingly scared.


Whoosh!!  Faster, Faster! Screech!!  Safe at last. That is not going to happen again.  Sorry for not introducing myself.  I am Nick Julest and I just got back from an interesting grocery store!  It looked like a swamp with roots everywhere.  When I got to the checkout line the cashier was SQUIDWARD!! an the bagger was MR.KRABBS!  And helping take out the carts was SPONGEBOB!  And the most depressing thing of all was PATRICK sorting the money and he counted like this “12, 5 ,7 2,3, 1,000,000,17, ect.”  WHile SPONGEBOB was wearing a hat from Glove World!!  So now do you want to go here!!

A New Nation

It appears to be,

Ugly and brown,

For I have the key,

That seems to frown.

The stumpy trees,

that have been cut,

Are actually bees,

That have been mutts.

Mysterious it sounds,

Those are people,

For this founds,

my favorite Mr Leoplle.

My friends and family,

Buried here,

Eww, so clammily,

That’s how they disappear.

Why choose them,

You may ask,

Here I am mum,

A raccoon with a mask.

I may have betrayed,

But I am good,

I have prayed,

And I need food.

Don’t you see the relation,

This is all true,

I have discovered a nation!



Crunch.  Every time my foot  hit the grass, a leaf smashed beneath.  Step, crunch.  I was in a garden of trees.  OR SKELETONS.  The wind blew my hair into my mouth.  I closed my eyes as the rough breeze  smacked me.  Marie-May was supposed to be here, in the forbidden forest, as she promised me sincerely.   What if Marie May didn’t show up as she promised?  What if she lied?  What if I never return? What if I die?  Just the thought of Marie-May, my best friend, not showing up scared me. But then, a figure appeared.  It was Marie-May!!!

Expedition Eve

20 Light years away from Earth on the plane Eve Pod A1 everyone was getting ready to explore the planet for the first time. The rocket pod landed in a patch of strange pumpkin like plants. The bold astronauts explored the mysterious land and found a bloody sledgehammer. Then suddenly a large green ogre came out running. One astronaut shouted “ITS SHREK!” Another one screamed “EVACUATE!”  The pilot fired up the rockets. The rocket engines ignited and  they flew. Suddenly a large bird came flying to intercept the spacecraft. The ship blew up in a huge fireball ensuring everything inside’s obliteration.

The Graveyard

Once upon a time there was a creepy graveyard. Every night at 12:00, all the dead bodies came out to scare anyone who stepped in the graveyard.  One kid got dared on halloween to go into the graveyard. He never returned. Every halloween from then on he got revenge on the ones who killed him. He haunts them in their sleep. Creeps up behind them. Makes their lives miserable. One by one they all disappeared. The town got the name Death Village as everyone there died. No one ever goes there and survives. The town of Death Village is no joke.

Graveyard Jubilee

Every five years, Balf and his family gather to watch the living on their annual hike. Balf and his family are part of an unknown species called nervidorkens, who live in the underworld serving Hades. On this special day, Hades gives the nervidorkens a day to do whatever they want. Balf’s family choose to see the living and hope to make friends and take them to the pits of Tartarus to live and stay there for all eternity. Although, Balf and his family don’t have unlimited freedom. After sunset on the day they return to the underworld to serve again.

Rise of the soilders

Once upon a time long ago there was a king. He was a greedy king and he wanted much more land. So he made all the men in the kingdom join the army. The problem was that it was a kingdom of farmers and blacksmiths with no battle skills. Also none of them wanted to join so when they went to battle they all died in a creek and since then they have all sunken. But now they all have risen to find and destroy the kings great great great great great great great great grandson, to finally get revenge.

The Haunted Graveyard

One day I was walking in a field when I saw something weird.  They were either skeletons or vultures wrapped in wings or a black cloth.  It was near dark and after I walked around all the bodies came to life!  I was very afraid but I decided it must be a hoax.  Turns out it was, some other boys wanted to scare me as a joke.  They got severely punished by there moms and dads.  Hopefully they learn there lesson and they don’t do it again.  Though I may have my revenge if I really feel like it later.

Life On Zorbge

Dear diary,

today, my friend Blarf spilled lunch all over me! I had to go home early and miss my presentation of the documentary of life on Zorbge that I had been working on for a month. I decided to walk to Frarf Forest to cool off. I go to Frarf Forest because of the big field of burnt down crade trees. They make good spots to sit on and the smell of fresh crade is always calming. After a few minutes here, I decide I’m ready to go back home. Even though I’m still very mad at Blarf!

-Klared Dallard