Troubling Tough Time

I was so cross that …

I yelled at my brother,

I punched my little sister,

I finished all my birthday cake,

And there were no leftovers,

I didn’t do my homework,

And I argued with my teacher,

I played computer games,

And I didn’t listen to my mother,

I threw my banana peel on the floor,

And I just smacked a ball on my opponent,

For kickball I made my team loose,

And, oh yeah, I injured my ga-ga ref,

I didn’t study for my Math Test,

I threw a spit ball at my principal’s ear,

What a day!




2 thoughts on “Troubling Tough Time

  1. Hi Bhoomika,

    What a day indeed! Very troubling and a lot of things happened there which showed everyone around you that you were cross.
    Something you might like to think about in future is whether this could be turned into a poem?
    Well done and thank you for sharing your writing.

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