Starfury and Mother Wistaria Vine

Dancing with the stars, with my hippogriff, Starfury, we sensed the glitter light-burst right close to our grips. That night was completely empty! What a surprise! We flied together until the ebony sky turned pale into dawn. Dawn’s colors just shone onto our faces, performing a scurry of bright, vivid colors onto showcase just for us. We found a lukewarm, toasty, fiery rock, and gripped our bodies onto it, as we look up into the wondrous sky of colors and dreaminess. Fluttering to the Wistaria- vine tree, I touched a purple flower, turning itself into dozens of, charming, violet, butterflies. 

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I love sports, especially Ga Ga and kickball. I play soccer and swimming and lots of other sports too. I like science and animals and am very competitive. I am like a tomboy, so you won't see me with dresses or nail polish. I also LOVE to horse around and tell jokes. When I grow up I want to be a marine biologist and a sports person!

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