Come Back Gracie

“I Annelise Witherspoon, hereby declare that I have lost my daughter, Gracie Alexandra Witherspoon.” My mother announced as I sat in my room still slightly unconscious. My biological father had stopped by, but the second I accidentally stepped on his luggage, he socked me in the face, and I became unconscious. My mom had carried me upstairs thinking I was dead, but she tried to still stay positive. Oddly enough, she kept whispering things to herself like “She’s not really dead Annelise.” But when she didn’t see me on the floor of my room she said “empty… What a surprise…”

2 thoughts on “Come Back Gracie

  1. Hi Hollie
    You had me gripped throughout this story, from the very opening line I wanted to know what had happened and quite how the prompt would be used. You unravelled the story carefully, sometimes leaving more questions for the reader and you ended with an unusual use of the prompt.
    Miss T Team 100wc

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