A Hidden Message that Everyone Seeks

I threw my rusty coins (exactly three hundred dollars) in the trash can and said a final farewell to the pavement of bliss that I had walked on for my whole life. I crumpled the sinking feeling in my heart and tossed it in my cat’s litter box. I started climbing the ladder of red, huffing and puffing, not stopping at all. An hour later, I was still moving my feet, up and down, not tired. I hadn’t got to the top of it yet. This time, I ran up, and it seemed as if I had just started climbing!

4 thoughts on “A Hidden Message that Everyone Seeks

  1. SPLENDIDLY job Bhoomika!!! I liked how you described anger itself with a ladder of red, it was a nice cliffhanging story!

  2. Hi Bhoomika,
    I really like your style of writing, your descriptive language is lovely and the imagery is excellent. I didn’t realise the ladder of red stood for anger and to be honest I think I prefer not to know, it allows me to speculate wildly about the meaning.
    Keep up the great work,
    Ciara (Team 100)
    Wicklow, Ireland

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