A Wonderful Dream

Have you ever had a strange dream to real that you felt like you were actually living it? Well, last night I had this wonderful dream. It was so amazing that I’m going to tell you my dream. To start out I was home snoozing in my big bed.  My alarm went off and I shot up out of bed.  I quickly went down stairs and got ready to go. When I was walking on the pavement and saw a red coins sinking into some cement. I quickly put them on a ladder my pocket and was on my way. 

3 thoughts on “A Wonderful Dream

  1. Hi Caroline,

    Well done on your 100 WC. I liked the idea of a dream that is to be revealed. Imagine seeing coins sinking into the pavement!
    One tip- read your writing out loud to yourself or to a friend to check it makes total sense and that your word choice is correct.
    Keep up the great work!
    Ciara (Team 100)
    Wicklow, Ireland

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