Halls of Knowledge

“James, please proceed onto the stage!” The reporter grinned, as James walked onto steps of nervousness. He was having a scholarship tryout for college, and he worked hard for it. He walked onto the steps, to the microphone, his face sweating. The room was silent, and he said, “Greetings,I am James…” Just then, he noticed something wrong with his voice. He ignored it and started speaking, creating a world of thoughts around him, from mind to mnd, he changed the way people thought reported gleamed, ” His voice was a vinegar to sharp.” The stadium roared when he won the scholarship.

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About Avani

I am a lover of books and am making a few myself. Books have been the key to imagination, and that just proves that magic is real. My favorite books are The Land of Stories series, A Snicker of Magic, and The Princess and the Foal. To me, imagination is much bigger than the whole galaxy put together 100 times. Books rock!

5 thoughts on “Halls of Knowledge

  1. Nice story Avani. I was just wondering though about “His voice was a vinegar to sharp.” What does that mean? Either way, great job. Congratulation by the way on winning twice in a row for your class!

    KEEP WRITING! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    • I searched on Google some other meaning of vinegar, because I always try to use something out of the box. It says there that the definition is sourness of behavior, speech, etc. I thought about using it as speech, so here I am. You are so going to win Bhoomika. Write away. What a fiasco by the way in your story!

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