Faux Pa!

I stared down at the smelly cup of vinegar that my mean doctor was making me drink.I thought I saw a fly pop up, and then maybe an artichoke. I looked back at the doctor mimicking,” Emma, drink up!” Let’s get this over with. I thought gulping. When I took a miserable sip, a tornado of mean comments thundered inside my brain. The vinegar was too sharp! I shook my head in disgust.

“You drink it!” I roared furiously. The doctor stepped back saying, “No thanks. I don’t wanna get sick. OOPS.”

“I just couldn’t believe that guy!” I frowned.

5 thoughts on “Faux Pa!

  1. Vinegar medicine?
    Yuk… I wouldn’t like it either.

    It makes for a good 100 Word Challenge entry though – makes you wonder why the doctor insists on her drinking the vinegar even though he knows it is disgusting.

    Keep up the good work

  2. Omg Bhoomika! Outstanding and incredible challenge. Never thought about that, I had a hard time too. Nice way of putting vinegar as medicine. Ewww!

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