Harmony of a Siren

I scrutinized the new mythological world. It was full of beauty, and amazing views. Just then, I heard a mix of a spectacular voice and a screech. I turned around to see a Siren. The Siren was an elegant creature, so I thought I would go talk to her. I started walking slowly towards her, and finally said, “Hi!” Alarmed, she started to sing the screechy tune, and I didn’t want to hurt her feelings because it was completely out of tune. Finally, I exclaimed, “You can do it Siren! Sing the blissful wind!” Seeing the sunset, I heard harmony.

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I love sports, especially Ga Ga and kickball. I play soccer and swimming and lots of other sports too. I like science and animals and am very competitive. I am like a tomboy, so you won't see me with dresses or nail polish. I also LOVE to horse around and tell jokes. When I grow up I want to be a marine biologist and a sports person!

11 thoughts on “Harmony of a Siren

  1. Wow Avani you really went all out on this one! This is a piece of art, a classic that will be remembered for centuries to come and forever written in modern history. Like I’ve stated before, you’re definitely going to ace our writing unit! See ya

  2. That was so good! I wish I could write as good as you. Your words dig deep into peoples’ minds and puts a picture into the readers mind. Keep up the great work, Avani!

  3. Hi Avani,
    Maddy wants to know if you think unicorns are real? She loved your story! (She’s in Year 5).
    I loved your use of words like scrutinised, mythological and blissful.
    Great writing,
    From Michelle (and Maddy)
    Melbourne, Australia

    • Thank you for the post Mr or Mrs. Tham, tell Maddie that unicorns are definitely real! I can tell from your message that Maddie likes unicorns, so I recommend reading the Land of Stories by Chris Colfer which is an AMAZING series that has unicorns. Thanks for the message and have a sensational day!

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