Mysteries In The Attic

One Saturday, while cleaning out attics to save up for a cool action figure I wanted, I came across an old looking house. I bet it’s attic is very dusty, I thought. The person who lives used to be a sailor, so he’s got a lot of things washed up from sea. So, I agreed to clean it. The room is black except for one flickering light in the center of the room. Glancing around, I noticed that there were bones, broken eggs, and fringes cut from dresses. I started for the door, suddenly wanting to leave. It was locked.

3 thoughts on “Mysteries In The Attic

  1. Sophia, I’m not surprised that you wanted to leave this odd room, and am certainly left wondering how you will get out!
    Be careful with the use of ‘so’. I don’t think you need it at the beginning of … I agreed to clean it. What do you think?
    You have done well to include this unusual list of words in your story.
    Jackie (Team 100 WC)
    New Zealand

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