The Vinegar Stings Like Knives

Tonight is my birthday party. I am so excited, but there is one thing that hurts: the vinegar cut. Yesterday, when I was decorating my house for my birthday party and was just about to rest, but then I cut myself on a streamer. Dark blood trickled and oozed out of the cut. At first I thought it was just a paper cut, but I was mistaken, it was something else, something big. Just then, my mom had told me to pour some vinegar for her and it went into my cut, and the vinegar was sharp, like a knife.

The Lost Bear

The Lost Bear

Once upon a time Bob the bear lived in a tiny house in a place called Tarkhany. His owner neglected him at a young age, and he ran away to a place called Greasy Grove. He found an animal shelter there and was happy there, until season 7 came and took out Greasy Grove with a huge snowfall. He then got on an X-4 storm wing and flew off the Dusty Divot. He there found a family of defaults that lived there and from then on, he was a happy bear, not a neglected bear that jumped around.


A New Job

The company’s boss was interesting. She placed apple-cider vinegar drink before me. Her personality was very amiable, and I admired that. I took a sip of the drink, recoiling instantly. “So you want the job?” She questioned. My hands clenched very tightly at the vinegar in the drink.

“Yes.” I answered. Her eyes glowed when she looked at the drink.

“Did you like it?” She smiled brightly. I didn’t want to be rude, so I said,

“The vinegar was a little too sharp.” She nodded. Her eyes were very warm and ambitious as she spoke.

“You’ve got a new job.”


A Day for Cooking

One warm sunny day in June Jacob woke up to find a bag of chips on his bed. Since Jacob was a famous chef he was always looking for new ideas. When he got the the restaurant he told his private assistant to make a advertisement. He did as he was told, and soon there was a line of people waiting for his newest chips. He made his first batch plain flavored, but instead he added vinegar instead of oil. He passed out plates of his newest recipe, but instead of approval the crowd ewwed in disgust. Oops! Too sour.


I was dreaming for a prize and one day it came true. It was me and my competitor in the room. A strong smell of vinegar filled the room. My heart beating one-hundred miles per hour, I waited for the judges response. The room, went silent as if the world had stopped spinning. The judges called my name. Your Vinegar veggies were spectacular and deserve a prize. I heard them saying the opposite to my competitor. Your vinegar was too sharp and your veggies were still raw!  Then my wish came true. The winning prize was mine. Today and forever.

The Bottle of Vinegar

As I dashed down the street I came upon a market.I grabbed a bottle of vinegar, and I rushed home to my soup that was boiling over.I screamed “CRIKEY”, I poured the white vinegar into the soup, it simmered down, the soup was safe.Until the turkey started to burn in the oven, I pulled it out right in time, crispy but done. Beep,Beep,Beep!The potatoes were done boiling, I soon mashed it up and added my special touch, vinegar, it tasted salty, just how I like it. My feast was done, I sat down in my sorrows as I ate alone.

The Explosion

” Class, please present your projects to the class.”  That was my cue to go to the  front of the class and present my project.  ” Today I will be experimenting with the Elephant Glue experiment.”  The class around me look surprised and really excited for the experiment. I first poured in the vinegar and told the class then suddenly Jacob in the front spit-balled my arm and I accidentally poured the whole vinegar  into the flask ” Uh oh” I squeaked.  The flask began to rumble. It may be that the vinegar was to sharp. Suddenly… Boom! That paste went everywhere. ” Sarah!”

Faux Pa!

I stared down at the smelly cup of vinegar that my mean doctor was making me drink.I thought I saw a fly pop up, and then maybe an artichoke. I looked back at the doctor mimicking,” Emma, drink up!” Let’s get this over with. I thought gulping. When I took a miserable sip, a tornado of mean comments thundered inside my brain. The vinegar was too sharp! I shook my head in disgust.

“You drink it!” I roared furiously. The doctor stepped back saying, “No thanks. I don’t wanna get sick. OOPS.”

“I just couldn’t believe that guy!” I frowned.

Halls of Knowledge

“James, please proceed onto the stage!” The reporter grinned, as James walked onto steps of nervousness. He was having a scholarship tryout for college, and he worked hard for it. He walked onto the steps, to the microphone, his face sweating. The room was silent, and he said, “Greetings,I am James…” Just then, he noticed something wrong with his voice. He ignored it and started speaking, creating a world of thoughts around him, from mind to mnd, he changed the way people thought reported gleamed, ” His voice was a vinegar to sharp.” The stadium roared when he won the scholarship.


I could feel the pressure intensifying inside of me. This was my moment to shine on my baking expertise. However, I knew I couldn’t present my apple cider to the judges, the vinegar was too sharp. Just like that, my dreams had been crushed to a tiny morsel. However, deep inside of me I knew there had to be a solution. However, the other part of me had already given up. I was torn, and still didn’t have a single clue on what I should do. This wasn’t how I was going let go of my dreams, I knew it.