100 word challenge- Daisy

“What happened?” My mom asked. “How could she just disappear like that?” I was thinking the same thing as the doggie door was swinging fiercely. “Daisy! You’re gone!!”  “She isn’t gone” my brother said. “How do you know that?” “Because we ran out of dog food” “SO??” “SO, I taught her to go to the neighbors and get THEIR dog food.” “So you taught her to steal?” “Ooops…”  “I know how to get her back!”, he said. We get the yummy dog food, leave it in the woods, and hide behind  something!!” “OOOORR” I said. We could go GET him.” 

3 thoughts on “100 word challenge- Daisy

  1. Hi Riya, what an excellent story this is and so full of detail. Your punctuation is good and the whole story holds interest all the way through. Good work and a well put together 100WC piece, well done.

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