Magic Is Real

Big Ben chimed frantically, it was the strike of midnight. You see, at that very moment, abnormal things were happening. When the Big Ben chimed energetically, the citizens woke up; they must have thought that something was very wrong in London that hour. The children gasped and the parents almost fainted. The damsels were scared. It couldn’t be true; it just couldn’t. Oh, but it was. A girl was floating in the air; a damsel you can predict, but not just any ordinary damsel. Just then, the brunette vanished;  her eyelashes wilted by tears. But how could she just disappear?

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About Avani

I am a lover of books and am making a few myself. Books have been the key to imagination, and that just proves that magic is real. My favorite books are The Land of Stories series, A Snicker of Magic, and The Princess and the Foal. To me, imagination is much bigger than the whole galaxy put together 100 times. Books rock!

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