The Legend of the Colorful Terracotta Warriors

Long, long, ago, there was a woman named Sydney. She lived in Sydney, Australia near the famous Opera House. She loved to build with clay. One day, she was asked by the king to create a clay warrior army to protect him in his afterlife. She obliged. Sydney worked hard day and night, to create these terracotta warriors. Finally, she was done. Sydney had created 1,000 terracotta warriors. When she was done, building them, she painted them all with red for the head: blue, red, yellow, and white. The king was pleased and to this day, the warriors are still standing.

The Strong Standers

  Have you ever been to Sydney, Australia? My Name is Sydney and yes I live in Sydney, laugh all you want.  So there is a lot of interesting things to see in Sydney like the famous Sydney Opera House. You can also see the Sydney Harbor Bridge, Bondi Beach and Darling Harbor, but my most favorite site is the colored soldiers right in a park near the opera house. They are so pretty and filled with vibrant colors. They look like ancient Terracotta Soldiers and stand proud and strong. They hold the power of strength as tourists seek a look.


This week we have a photograph of some rather interesting people. We took a short stroll through central park and my family and I took a picture in front of our favorite cafe.Their was the owner in the back round mysteriously peering through the glass wall. Suddenly, I looked back and he was gone.On the photo the picture wasn’t their, we went back in to see what the matter was. The owner, John Marne apologized for his photo bomb. Yet, we never found out why the picture got deleted!My father, Tom went back into the store to see what happened…….

What a Colorful World

Mornings at Blue Bird Beach is always a thrilling view. Everyday I walk near the shoreline, feeling the warm, soft sand in between my toes. One day, I saw a sensational view that I have never seen before. I saw colorful men standing proud and tall. There was probably 100 of them. I wish I could be over where the statues were, but they were on the other side of the gigantic ocean. Whipping out my camera, I took a a lot of pictures of it. When I  posted it to my mom, she said, “Now, that is a colorful world.”

week 18

Once a very mysterious incident occurred with paint, balloons, and soldiers. In the summer of ’18, my bestie and I went to the carnival where they had an exhibit like area with terracotta warriors. That day we were feeling adventurous so we took some balloons and filled them up with paint of various colors. Then when no one was looking we threw the balloons at the statues. Thank goodness no one saw us except for this one kid but he thought this was part of the exhibit which was good. When we were done we ran as fast as we could.

AO Summer Smash and Statues

One day I was driving to the Ausralian Open to watch the Summer Smash.  I looked out of my window.  Something very unusual was outside.  There were tons of colorful statues.  They looked like terracotta warriors, but what were they doing out in the open?  After a while of thinking I still have not come up with anything.  We were already at the Australian Open so I got in the crowd to watch the game.  I saw a lot of youtubers such as Lachlan, Lazarbeam, Fresh, x2Twins, Lannan, Woofless and others.  Overall this was a very fun and wierd day.



A Strange Place

One day I was at my local library looking for a book to read. As I walked by the history section I got sucked into a book! I was in a place that looked exactly like Sydney, Australia except for there were these statues. They almost looked like the Terracotta army from China except they were colorful with solid colors. I saw a man walk by so I asked him what they were and why were they here. He said that they have always been here. Then I walked around the city and all you could see was weird artifacts.

Terracotta Soldiers

I was in Australia when I stumbled upon brightly colored terracotta soldiers.  I was surprised any body would make something like that so I took a picture.  In the background there is the famous opera house.  I wondered about the ones that had two different colors.  Did they run out of paint or do it on purpose to make it look weird?  I went in for a closer look and I noticed that the faces, clothes, and armor were very detailed.  The statues looked freshly painted and there was no damaged parts so I assume that they are very new.

The Creepy Colorful Statues

Once there were a group of colorful statues.  They were in rainbow order and stood on the beach strait and tall.  No one ever walked through the statues.  One day a boy named Bobby Dinklebop  decided he would see the middle statue up close, when Bobby stood in front of the middle one he randomly vanished.  The next day Bobby’s mom got worried so she went through the statues and she also went in front of the middle one and out of no where she disappeared.  Everyone went looking for Bobby and his mom but no one ever found them.

Week #18

One nice summer day my mom told me that we were going to the beach. Hooray! Later, we were all packed and ready to go. When we got there I saw a spectacular sight. On the beach were so many colorful figures that seemed to be Chinese. They were all so many different colors like blue, green purple, and yellow! They made the beach look just gorgeous! We spent our day marveling at the statues and playing in the sand. We even did a little swimming! Unfortunately, our day ended quickly and we had to go home. What a day!