Welcome to the 100 Word Challenge!

For the 2018-2019 school year, we are publishing our writing on a global scale! Through the 100 word challenge, students will have the opportunity to share their short writing far beyond our classroom walls. Some of us may even be featured on the 100 Word Challenge website! Click here for more information about the challenge.

How it Works in Our Classroom:

Each week, students will visit the 100 word challenge site to find the current week’s writing prompt. Using our class blog, students will respond to the prompt using exactly 100 words. Students then log-in to the 100 word challenge site and post their blog entry. Good luck students, and keep writing!!

You will be able to see all the student entries on our blog. I will not edit them for grammar nor punctuation, so it truly is their work that is posted. (I will look for content appropriateness though!)

Enjoy reading your students’ creations!

Mrs. Dalton

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