The Shift

Noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just found out that we’re moving to India! This is the worst news ever! For one thing, I don’t want to leave my home and friends, but also, southern India is a horrible place to live! It’s hot, and there’s traffic, and it’s polluted, and I could go on forever with this list. But I’ve been told to suck it up and move on. I’m going to get my favorite shirt out of the dryer. AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!! It’s the wrong color! This was the shirt I bought when I found out that my grandpa passed away. Worst. Day. Ever.

The Spoiled Girl Video

Today, in the afternoon, my sister showed me a video that gave me the shivers because it was that disgusting. The video was about a spoiled girl and she was ungrateful for her birthday gift wasn’t “good ” for her. So basically, the girl wanted a blue lamborghini, but she got a red one instead, I mean what is the difference! The color was the only thing that mattered apparently. At least she got a car and she was only twelve years old! She was underage and she still wanted that car. She said,  “But the car is the wrong color!

Moving to Florida

My nanny is leaving to go live in Florida on Friday. I want to get her something. She said she didn’t want anything except pictures of us. Her car is so full she can’t see out the back window of her car! This week we took pictures with her and ordered them to be printed out at CVS. When we picked them up, we scanned through them to see how they turned out. But, they all were the wrong colour! All of them were black and white! But, we new she wouldn’t care because she would like anything from us!

Broken Basketball

I pulled my uniform happy and proud,

Then I fell with a thunk so bad and loud,

“But it is the wrong color!” I exclaim in disbelief,

What happened? Was it stolen by a thief?

I wore it anyways of red, pink and blue,

Going in the basketball stadium wishing for the flu,

I saw all my opponents laughing at me,

Now’s the time I wanna be a tree.

My coach yells at me unfairly,

He does that, but really rarely,

I find my cheeks burning hot,

Then he makes me sit out,

I see my teammates,

Loosing very badly!


Diary of a Wedding: I Quit

My aunt found a mate,

I believe she’s bait.

For she now has a chance to engage.

She has invited us,

“So don’t be late!” She’s exclaimed.

Mum agreed,

So we set off formally.

I having a grose pink dress!


Pink is the yuckiest,

Aunty chose it for me.

“But it is a wrong color!”

For I am a tomboy.

We reached there at time,

So we took seat,

Before the piano chimed,

The wedding tune,

(its awkward)

I saw my aunt,

With her white, dressing gown.

Then that vampire came,

His tongue snarling.

“He better not eat me!”



A Wild Lemonade Stand

The late August breeze blew through my long black hair. My eyes squinted at it’s newfound strength that came with the entering season of Fall. Madilyn jerked at my arm and I glanced at the cup of lemonade she was holding out to Jackson. He smiled warmly towards me and Madilyn grinned is a sly way. “Skylar’s got a boyfriend.” She giggled. I glared at her and scolded her words. “Madilyn! Shut your trap!” She bit her lip and Jackson waved his hands. “It’s alright.” I was so cross that I thought I was going to blow her head off!

My Sister’s Sins

Everybody has asked me why I am so angry all the time, but they never stop long enough and ask enough to know my story. If you want to know, then this is my story. So a couple years ago, my sister was playing with her Barbie dolls peacefully, but all hell ran loose though when my peace was broken. My sister got up and she pushed me off the couch that I was reading on and then she said, “Quick! A murderer is coming! HIDE!” I didn’t because I knew this was a trick. But I was mistaken greatly.

Troubling Tough Time

I was so cross that …

I yelled at my brother,

I punched my little sister,

I finished all my birthday cake,

And there were no leftovers,

I didn’t do my homework,

And I argued with my teacher,

I played computer games,

And I didn’t listen to my mother,

I threw my banana peel on the floor,

And I just smacked a ball on my opponent,

For kickball I made my team loose,

And, oh yeah, I injured my ga-ga ref,

I didn’t study for my Math Test,

I threw a spit ball at my principal’s ear,

What a day!




Robot Substitutes

It is said that in the future, robots would take over the Earth with their futuristic technologies. It can grow so out of hand, that us, the humans, can be replaced by robots. “Sure, robots are a huge help to us now, but one day, they could be such advanced technology, that they can actually REPLACE us,” argues unknown, “They could make us lazy, and be doing things that humans don’t want to do.” Reading this, people would be outraged. When I read it, even I was so cross. Would you want robots to play sports for entertainment? I wouldn’t.

The Slit of Paper

I was on my case and was super close to finding out who the  culprit was that I felt that the answer was under my nose the whole time. Then suddenly there was a little slit of paper hanging out from a side of a box. It said, You were so close, but not too close, said the note, I was so cross that I felt a pain of sorrow crawling up my throat. I only let one tear drip down my face. I then heard some footfalls behind me, but didn’t really care. Then suddenly my eye’s went black…